Indian Spices Not Just Add Flavor to Your Food, But Health as Well!

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Indian spices have been part of world history for more than 7000 years. Since the beginning, they have been exported around the world and even today, they are the chief item of export in India.

India has always been considered as the land of spices. They are known to offer great taste and flavors to any cuisine. Besides offering taste, Indian spices also hold great medicinal values. For ages, people in India and across the world have been treating illnesses with a combination of different spices and herbs. Even today, many pharmaceutical companies are creating medicines using the benefits of these spices. So, if you are planning to prepare an Indian meal for someone special, make sure you purchase mixed spice to add flavor, color, and fragrance to your meal.

The Savory Curry Leaves

If you have ever been to the Southern part of India, you would find green leaves in almost every savory dish. Curry leaves are the main ingredient of every south Indian dish. Since they can be easily grown anywhere in India with a temperate climate, they can be seen in almost every Indian household.

Curry leaves are mid-green in color and add a great deal of flavor to any dish. They are mostly used at the beginning of the cooking process of any dish so that they release their flavor in the oil. They are a great combination with mustard seeds and dried red chilies. Being such a useful item, dried curry leaves are exported throughout the well. So, you can easily buy curry leaves powder online. However, the dried form is not that fragrant at the fresh one. It just takes five to six leaves to add flavor to your dish. You can easily remove them from the dish later if you like.

Rewarding Benefits of Curry Leaves

By now we understand the importance of curry leaves in Indian cuisine. Like mentioned earlier, Indian spices not only add taste to the food, but they also provide rewarding health benefits and curry leaves are no exception. Often known as Kadi Patta by Indian people, it has been used as medicine to treat calcium deficiency along with other conditions.

Curry leaves are rich in a source of Vitamin A, B, C, B2, Calcium, and Iron. Hence, they are potent in treating wounds, keeps diabetes in check, helping weight loss, treating dandruff, support effective bowel movements, and relieving stress. Traditionally they have been used for better eyesight and prevent the early onset of the cornea.

It is so hard to imagine what all can be achieved with these humble curry leaves. You can buy them online if you don’t have the option of growing in-house. But there is nothing better than using them fresh always. If you are fortunate, do try growing it.

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