Important Things to Consider When Searching For The Best Spray Foam Equipment

by Kristen White Blogger

The market is flooded with distributors claiming that they carry the best spray foam equipment for commercial foam insulation projects. Typically, the reputable companies that are backed by the top manufacturers in the industry.

Much of the spray foam equipment in the United States is used in commercial spaces. Insulation contractors who want to buy spray foam equipment should be sure they purchase from a top-rated spray foam equipment distributor.

Certain tasks are best left to professionals and spray foam insulation is one of them. Proper application of spray foam insulation is difficult when it is not applied with the right equipment.

Spray foam acts as an excellent insulator and vapor barrier. It is important to handle spray foam insulation with care because it contains several potent chemicals. The vapor is also flammable, which means no ignition sources such as open flames, blowtorches or even cigarettes should be used. In fact, several industry professionals, including fire officials, recommend against the use of DIY spray foam insulation kits because of these safety hazards.

Spray foam professionals know that Graco is known for having the highest quality spray equipment in the industry. If you are looking into sources for customizing Graco spray rigs online, distributors in your area should be trained and available to answer any questions you might have about the equipment and supplies you are considering.

Replacement or upgrades

When researching a product or piece of equipment, learn as much as you can about it and consider the benefits you will derive from the purchase. New equipment can also be costly if you do not follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Understanding what the total cost will be and what benefits you will receive is a good way to decide if the purchase is a good decision.

You should also check for compatibility of spray guns, hoses, and sprayers. There are many cases where mix and match options are available to allow a mobile spray rig to be fully customized to meet the specifications of any particular job.

There is a great deal of importance is being given to environmentally-friendly spray foam materials nowadays. The spray foam equipment distributor you work with will surely be aware of the latest industry developments and can advise you accordingly.

Many start-up spray foam companies attempt to control costs by purchasing cheap spray foam machines. It is not a good idea to compromise on the standards of such equipment because it might not be safe, and will probably cost you more in the long run.

Being Protected

Every licensed contractor requires personal protective equipment (PPE) on job sites during spray foam application. Exposure to spray foam chemicals can cause severe skin problems and breathing problems. Professionals should install the insulation and follow the proper procedures to ensure that toxic elements are not introduced to the rest of the building.

Working with a reputable spray foam equipment distributor that represents top-quality equipment and provides training and support will ensure you always have access to the equipment, parts and accessories you need, and will help you stay on top of important developments in the industry.

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