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The Bajrang Transport, a well-known Transport Advertising Services agency, we can advertise your business on many vehicles as well as public transport areas such as train stations and bus shelters. Transport advertising is a great way to promote your products and services and is a well-known way of traditional marketing. A sometimes seen form of advertising is a type known as transit advertising, which displays your marketing message and advertises products in the area of ​​public transit.

Transit Advertising is a method of marketing in public transport areas or by advertising on public transport. This type of marketing allows companies to place transit advertisements almost anywhere. It is important that you think about the best place to advertise when thinking about transit advertising. These ads can run side by side with other campaigns and this gives people many opportunities to see the ads. You will find that some forms of transport advertising are better than others for a specific location.

What is Transit Advertising?

It is also called advertising on transport or transport advertisements. Transport advertisements include advertisements placed in transport previews such as buses, metros, cars, trucks, taxis, and other vehicles.

Transit Advertising can be in the form of graphics, simple text or other visible information. The ultimate goal of transportation advertising is to attract the attention of your potential consumer and make them conscious of your product.

The fact that advertising is extremely important for businesses in the country and that is why businesses are coming up with more and more creative ways of advertising their products.

Transit advertising is one of many ways to advertise a product or service and it is looking for long-term takers. Well, this is transit advertising. For those who want to know more, discuss the concept of transit advertising in detail.

Why Choose Bajrang Transport For Transit Advertising?

Transport advertising is essential because it can provide high visibility for your product on a daily basis. In addition, viewers may not be able to ignore your ads. Many times, it can be difficult for a person to ignore an advertisement that they are sitting on a train or bus, simply because it is in their direct view. In addition, transit advertising guarantees your small business a diverse audience by age and income.

  • It can’t be turned off like television.

  • It reaches more public no matter what radio stations they’re listening to.

  • It contains large, colourful, innovative designs demand attention.

  • You have exclusivity in your space.

  • It produces various audience.

  • It provides the flexibility of ad size and place.

Types of Transport Advertising Services

Transit advertising divided into two sections:

Indoor Transit Advertising Services

This is in relation to transit advertisements placed inside the vehicle or inside transit shelters. Indoor advertisements may be static advertisements such as posters, boards, sheets and others, video advertisements (displayed on LED screens), and audio advertisements.

Outdoor Transit Advertising Services

Outdoor Transport Advertising refers to advertisements placed on the outer surface of transport. Outdoor transit advertisements services can be divided into roof advertising and onboard advertising. Roof advertisements, as the name suggests, are advertisements mounted on a transport roof. Onboard advertising, on the other hand, refers to advertisements that are placed on or inside transportation.

Advantages of Transport Advertising

1.Comprehensive Coverage

It is widely known that public transport has been one of the most popular modes of transportation and thus it is taken by hundreds of people every day. Some reports have said that about 10 million people commute on a large scale every week. Reaching these people in a single week and that too without any repetitive cost is a feat that only Transit Ads can manage.

2.Geographic Reach

Transit advertising is the best tool for advertising to target the local consumer. When a business decides to place transit ads in a select location, it actively contacts people from a select demographic speciality and background. Imagine a local supermarket, which advertises its special offers on a bus to its customers to reach the supermarket. Their customers exposed to special offers while travelling on a bus will surely remember it for a long time.

3.Longer Performance

Businesses can control the risk that a customer has to make their advertising through transit advertising. No one else to turn off the TV or go to the next page in a magazine! Since the normal duration of traffic on public transport is from 25 minutes to an hour, customers are delimited to notice multiple times a transit advertisement placed within a transport.

4.Reasonable Cost

Since the number of potential customers for transit advertising is very large, the cost per consumer advertisement is very low. Thus, this form of transport advertising is cost-effective compared to many other forms of advertising.


The Bajrang Transport is offering the services of transport advertising. If anyone needs of transit advertising service at the best price so they can call us. We always provide the best price for every customer.

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