Importance of Professional Re-skilling across Industries

by Techstack Institute Digital Marketing Course

In today’s dynamic world, everything is evolving so fast that it has become important to get hold of things before they get irrelevant to us. It’s needless to say, but everything has become so interconnected, yet we sometimes get into this illusion that what we are doing today, or whatever habit we are inculcating into ourselves may not bother our other area of life.

 From the cobweb of the corporate world to the fascinating world of movies and entertainment, ideas and innovation across our small planet are forcing the different industries to go on a roller coaster ride.

There are times when things start to go wrong, unexpected failures creep in, and it becomes impossible to get hold of things. Our limited knowledge and imagination of this progressive world trap us to death. The social conditioning of our society like “Chalta hai”, “Jo Hoga Dekha jaega”, “Abhi toh bohat time hai” etc. is in need of an urgent change.

There’s one key component of every corporate, may be small or large, which measures its growth is productivity, we all know that. But, how is it related to the skill which the workforce puts in? Let’s say you have a smartphone, which is 4 yrs. old now. Now, if you wish to install an app which demands the latest version of the system on your smartphone, you wouldn’t be able to install it. Either you upgrade the system or purchase a new phone. Similar is the case of the workforce now. Either you upgrade yourself, or someone far better or automation would replace you.

Gone are the days, when you used to show off your talents and put off the work at hand procrastinating. Now, let’s be prepared to hear that “you are easily replaceable” with the advancements in technology and automation coming in.

 There are several companies who are suggesting to adopt “Learning & development” institutes like Online marketing course in Delhi so that more emphasis is given to the current scenario of the workforce, but still they seem pretty insignificant. Now, “Reskilling” needs to be made the part of the game now. “Job security” has taken a back seat with this ever-evolving and changing the work environment. Every day new business models are being set up, customers are getting super demanding with the rise of facilities for them, and that puts up a lot of pressure for reskilling across different industries. Reskilling is required to survive in this “game”.


What exactly does this “Reskilling” mean?

Just like operating systems are upgraded year after year to meet the needs and demands of new applications and software in the market, we need to equip ourselves with this evolving technology, workspace and new models of reality.


How do we equip ourselves with this evolving technology, workspace and new models of reality?

By upgrading our version. i.e. By upgrading our beliefs, faiths, motivation and thinking to a whole new level. No matter how much we say that we have evolved into someone “new”, there’s still some deep-rooted beliefs plus the social conditioning that hamper us to “see things as it is.

 As we all know, the IT industry has now become a part of every field of life, be it corporates, education institutes, health care, agricultural research and so on. The pieces of training for reskilling are much immediately required to those people who are prone to get sidetracked or replaced by automation machines. Those people are the one with the lower skill works such data operators or BPO associates. These people are the one who is directly affected by this wave of automatic machines or automation. The main idea here is to just be a step or a few steps ahead of the automation system and be updated with the latest technologies and skillsets.

With this urgent demand for reskilling in the diverse industries, there comes a pressing question in our mind. Who should exactly “reskill” themselves? The junior level employees? Or maybe the mid-level managers? Or the CEOs or people at the highest position?

Well, no – doubt reskilling is required for everyone because the changing scenarios and the evolving landscape isn’t asking for any specific groups to reskill themselves. The freshers or the junior level employees want a foothold into the industry, the mid-level managers require it for switching their careers whereas the senior level CEOs need it for their company’s growth. Everyone needs to reskill to equip themselves with the unforeseen circumstances and for that Techstack helps you.

“Professional Reskilling” is utmost essential and is the only key to foster the growth of the industries and to prevent from collapsing in the present or in the near future.

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