HRMS Software: How To Keep Employee Engaged During WFH

by Shailendra Kumar Tech Reviewer

Although only 16 percent of organizations are completely working remotely today, both gig workforce and WFH are being termed as the new normal. Following the outbreak of COVID-19, companies that never supported remote working have also now made a room for WFH policies. With strict social distancing mandates and lockdown, it is perhaps going to be the same way for some more months. 

Amid all the chaos, employers and HR managers are struggling hard to adapt to the changes happening around them. Out of all WFH challenges, the first and the most crucial is helping employees to stay productive and engaged. 

Fortunately, we have a number of technological advances to rely on. Needless to say, this is the right time to make the most of technology. One such option is HRMS software

Here is how HRMS software increase employee engagement while working remotely:

Robust Communication

This is truly the need of the hour! Regular interaction with the workforce is the first step to respond to disengagement. Now, it is the duty of employers to implement the best communication channel for their workforce. HRMS allows every individual of the company to stay connected throughout the working hours. Undoubtedly, it is the easiest platform to access. From discussing important projects to giving feedback, such software allow HR managers to ensure no one feels left in the dark.

Goal Setting 

With zero human interaction, HR managers may find it difficult to maintain productivity amongst employees. However, there is a solution to this as well. Using HRMS software, managers can set meaningful goals during this time. Goals will motivate employees to put their best foot forward, thus increasing employee engagement and productivity. 

Goals should be designed in a way that employees won’t find them tedious and time-consuming. And for effective outcomes, managers should support them along the way through video calls and ensure that they are going on track. 

Acknowledge and Recognize 

For the overall engagement within a remote workforce, both appreciation and recognition are quintessential. Today, every employee is going the extra mile to help his or her organization combat this difficult time. In this case, they deserve to be acknowledged and recognized for their efforts.  This is not the right time to pinpoint one’s mistakes; it will certainly demoralize individuals.

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One of the biggest benefits of HRMS software is that it helps managers to praise employees in just a few clicks. Such software factors in features such as interesting badges, and rewards that make acknowledging process fast and easy. 

Build a Fun Atmosphere

HR software help HR professionals to create surveys in a fraction of time. These surveys can be used to track the productivity and engagement levels of employees. With the final survey results, managers can get a clear understanding of factors that are bothering employees the most during WFH. Subsequently, managers can take constructive steps to solve those issues. Informal virtual meetings are an efficient way to offer employees a relaxing time when they can talk and have fun with one another. Such meetings will help them to feel light and positive during this tough time. 

Provide Learning Opportunities

Professional development is one of the top motivating factors for employees. Every employee loves to be in a job that helps him or her to grow and flourish as individuals.  Now, zero commuting is saving a large chunk of time for employees. Utilize this time on learning! This is a great time for the workforce to learn and managers to facilitate that. There are a number of e-learning platforms to learn new skills. If not anything new, allow them to upskill their existing skills in the extra hours they have saved by not travelling. 

Like a wise man once said, “to win at the marketplace, one must first win at the workplace”. That means only a productive and engaged workforce can help a company to combat this difficult time. Hence, invest in the right HRMS to maintain employee engagement during WFH.

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