Effects of Rahu Ketu Transit 2020 to 2022 for All Moon Signs

by Astro Ved Online Astrology Consultation

Certain planetary positions bring certain results to individuals. In Vedic Astrology, Rahu and Ketu are two shadow planets that move slower than other planets; hence they go in the retrograde mode, which affects every zodiac sign differently.

This Rahu Ketu Transit 2020 – 2022 would have some major impacts on people's lives that one should not ignore knowing. Since Rahu and Ketu's placement in the horoscope shows the karmas of past life, these two planets are vital to determine how fruitful the transit's results would be.

We bring you the effects of Rahu Ketu Transit 2020 – 2022 regarding all moon signs. So if you know what your moon sign is, give the article a read, and get to know what is on your plate. Get Accurate Rahu Kalam Today timings from Astropedia


This transit in Aries would not be beneficial. The native will face criticization by people, there may be disputes with family, and unhappiness may spread its wings.

There would be trouble related to income sources, and you would be making unnecessary expenditures. It is advised to worship Goddess Durga during the transit to reduce the effects.


For the Taurus moon, it tends to give mixed results. If the planets' placement is strong, it will not trouble much else the native would notice frequent mood swings and overall lack of focus.

There would be a degrade in mental health as well as physical health. Fighting with spouse will happen, and you may feel unknown fear of enemies. Your financial situation would not be very strong, and there may be sudden travel too. One should take care of their spouse, especially if the native has a bad 7th house.


For Gemini, the transit would bring restlessness that the native may feel during sleep. Sudden expenditures will also take place, and others may victimize you. However, there are positive sides as well for Gemini.

You would be able to precede all your enemies, and the efforts you put into studies or a job would be fruitful, eventually. You may also feel inclined toward spirituality; foreign travel is also possible. Worshipping Lord Bhairava would be beneficial!


Those who have Moon in Cancer will gain materialistic benefits. There would be an expansion in business or promotion in the job. For the financial aspect, you would make gains and grasp new opportunities.

You would get connected to good people who would help you in life. However, one may feel disconnected to the spouse or partner, and there may be problems in your relationship.


The transit for Leo natives will be fruitful. A Leo native will progress in terms of career and finances. The transit is highly likely to stay positive for Leos. You may get promoted, rewarded, or moved to a higher position.

However, you need to take care of your health. Some family issues may also disturb your peace. Take care of your mother's health. Health-wise there would be some problems, but the overall effects of the transit are good.


For Virgo, the transit tends to bring mixed results; it would be both good and bad. It would refrain you from spirituality that you would be less faithful toward Dharma or God. There may be a loss in job, finances, and you may establish conflict with your superiors; it will not bring very good results in the professional front.

However, on the positive side, the native will experience the fruit of efforts and recognition of skills in the middle or end of the transit.


The transit for Libra would not be beneficial as per the position of the transit. The native will feel anxious, disturbed sleep, fear of the unknown, and blues will be around. One may also suffer from some ailments if other planets are badly placed.

There would be troubles in the family, and loss of money may also take place. You may have to travel suddenly, make unnecessary expenses, and there would be misunderstandings in your relations. Worshipping Lord Shiva would bring you relief in the situation.


To a Scorpian, the transit would bring mood swings and affect decision-making ability. The native may feel a sudden rush of anger, which would impact the quality of his relations. It would also affect the native in the professional environment.

Being a Scorpio moon, natives can also think irrationally and immorally. They may get into affairs and such happenings that would make people question their character. Remember and worshipping Goddess Durga would help during the transit.


For Sagittarius people, the transit will bring great results, which would make the native win the enemies. There will be a health improvement, and the vibes of positivity and happiness would be felt.

Those who are working professionals would experience an overall growth in terms of finances and position. Those who are in debts, they would be able to repay easily. You would feel inclined toward spirituality, meditation, and Godness. However, one should stay away from unnecessary expenditures.


The Rahu Ketu transit for Capricorns will bring mixed results. So the native will feel a loss of interest if he is a student; there would be unhappiness, frustration due to poor emotional health.

The good aspect of this transit will make the native unlock his creativity and imagination, which would help him get the skills recognized. There will be monetary gains, especially if the Sun sign aligns well.

You should stay away from getting into a relationship as this will not serve you in the long run, and you may find the wrong person.


For Aquarians, this transit is not so great. There would be dissatisfaction in the profession; the native will have to go through the ups and downs career-wise. The native may also feel some disrespect and aimless travels, which would not be fruitful. Some health issues may arise as well, and mental peace would be disturbed.

You would feel restless due to your mother's smother's poor health. Praying to Lord Rudra and Lord Bhairava would be beneficial.


For Pisces, it is a good transit that will make the person feel energized and overall courageous. All the efforts will bring results; however, one should control being overambitious as it may lead the native to troubles.

You will connect to more people, cultivate a new hobby. There would be significant gains on the financial side, and as you will feel spiritually motivated, you will visit some holy places too.

However, some family issues may trouble you because of the health of any of the family members.

One should note that all these predictions are based on the Moon sign alone. To know a closer prediction, consult an astrologer, and get your horoscope checked. Get Daily Nalla Neram Today Timings from Astropedia

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