How Top App Developers Got Where They Are Today

by Melissa Crooks Tech Writer
The android operating system is the undisputed number one among mobile devices all over the world. It got so big that BlackBerry which used to be a major rival for market share back in the days now runs it's devices on the modern android OS.

It wasn't always pretty of course, back when the ecosystem was in its infancy and there were only just a handful of apps and devices, it was just another struggle trying to stand up to the big boys of Nokia, BlackBerry and iOS. But then devices got better, knowledge of application development got wider and we are where we are today - hundreds of manufacturers, millions of devices and even many more millions of applications on Google's own PlayStore alone. There are the numerous apps not enumerated in regions like China and other unofficial app stores. It is safe to say that the android operating system is at its possible peak and more likely to rise further than anything else.


These are the men and women who spent time (often running into hundreds of hours) creating applications for devices - in our case, android devices. These apps differ in variety so much that the segments of it cannot be covered in one article. These developers conglomerated to form android application development companies.

These companies are teams that specialize in not just conceptualizing and creating fantastic apps, but also take on the job of creating apps for others for a variety of reasons.

App development companies are some of the highest earning tech companies today. App earnings for some major names run into billions of dollars (Candy Crush by KingSoft). It would seem that making money from android application development is not so difficult, but the truth remains that for every success story there are thousands of failures.

So how do these companies manage to rake in such figures? Here are some tips as to how their apps became what it is today.

1. Study Of The Market

Statistics say that there are more android users than iOS devices owners, but iOS users spend more on apps than android users. Spending also depends on regions, Brazil, India, Russia and some parts of Africa are emerging markets that drive Smartphone sales but do not contribute a lot when it comes to spending on apps. Successful top android app development companies study these market figures and use it to make informed decisions about type of apps to create, region - based offerings, etc.

It is also true that users are more likely to download a freemium app than one that requires an upfront premium.

2. Growing With The Software Market

Android applications are updateable for a reason, so that developers can continue to innovate. Applications get more feature rich by the day so as to keep up with users' demands as well as device demands. Android application developers, especially those who make games for the OS continually create and recreate so as to utilize available hardware properly. For example, what is the use of a HD screen when games are rendered in SD. Pixel density grows by the day, developers continue to upgrade their offerings too.

What would be the use of Ultra-HD cameras without the software to back them up? A mobile app development company that intends to thrive will leverage on the capability of today's devices and the limitlessness of what they are capable of.

3. The Thin Line Between the Past and the Futute

A number of developers are stuck still creating apps for older, almost - obsolete android systems. While this helps to capture a little more market, the consideration has to be made over whether the added revenue is worth the hassle.

It is more difficult to create and maintain apps for older android OS versions than it is for the new kids on the block.

The android OS underwent a complete overhaul from android 4 upward, and while it has only gotten better since, not every android user has updated to the latest system versions. The newest (Nougat 7.0) is currently actually the least in use by device owners.

Having said that, would it be fair to focus solely on devices on a particular OS version? Of course not!

Apart from not being fair, it is a naive decision in terms of possible revenue. This is where the model of top android developers comes to the fore. Apps must be created to meet up with the demands of newer devices and OS versions while not completely alienating users of older versions. This can be achieved by offering parts of the app that each user's device can handle. A little of the past and a little of the future balances the present properly.

4. The Job Never Ends

The job of app development is always on. A serious developer does not just let his/her app go because they have made a few bucks off it. The more effort put into it, the more revenue can come from it. Two copious examples are Candy Crush and Subway Surf.

The makers of Candy Crush continually come up with updates that keep users wanting more, they didn't stop there, they even created more games riding on the wave of the name Candy Crush already had.

The developers who made Subways Surf at a time, offered weekly updates to bring new challenges and new cities to gamers. With this model, they achieved one of the highest growths in android apps usage history.

The job goes on to keep old users and to attract new ones.

5. Apps are (mostly) For Humans

Having created the hypothetical 'perfect' android app, more needs to be discussed about its reception among the target market. For all the hours of work put in, an app that does not appeal to users is both useless and user-less. A simple lightweight app that makes children laugh will most probably sell more than a heavy 'piece of developmental' genius that forgets to consider who will use them.

In another take on this point, apps should work in synergy with - not against - devices other than that on which they have been installed. Our smart phones work as remote controls to our TVs, they can start our cars, turn the lights on and off, why should apps not want to be in on this.

The truth is, a day will come when our beds will have IP address and communicate with other fittings in the house. All apps by then will work hand-in-hand with these new pieces of hardware, it's best if new developers take note of that, because others are.

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