How To Wear A Blue Topaz In Different Ways - Step By Step Tutorial

by Akash Chauhan Google Marketing Consultant

How to wear blue topaz stone?

The Blue Topaz stone helps to remove malefic effects of Saturn and is the gemstone for planet ‘Saturn’ only. It must be worn only when you are asked by the astrologer to do so. For this, the astrologer has to see your horoscope, analyze the planetary positions, and then he can suggest you suitable gemstones. Get in touch with an expert astrologer to get the best astrological remedies and to avoid negative effects.

What is Blue Topaz Stone?

Belonging to the family of silicates, Blue Topaz is a beautiful semi precious gemstone. It comes in a plethora of colors including blue, orange, yellow, gray and black. In the world of jewelry and astrology, blue topaz gemstones are the most important. It is used in place of Blue Sapphire most of the times. This stone is mined in various parts of the world including Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Russia, Afghanistan, Africa and Norway. Topaz stones are a wonderful or gorgeous addition to the jewelry collection of women. The remarkable and inexpensive gemstone has made suitable place in the jewelry box of many.

The significance of a gemstone ring depends upon the type of stone in the setting

If you are planning to wear a gemstone having astrological significance, know one thing that there is an art form you need to follow for wearing a gemstone. It has to be worn with a certain kind of finesse. Among all gemstones, Topaz Stone and Ruby bears special significance as different associations are attached. Gemstones have special meaning in the context of astrology. They need to be worn on certain dates and certain time of the day as recommended by the expert astrologer. The benefits of wearing gemstones can only be enjoyed when you follow the instructions of an astrologer. Apart from attracting good luck, the gemstones make you appear more sophisticated. The worth, the value and the importance or significance of gemstone ring totally relies on the kind of stone you have on the setting. So, it is very important to buy the ring carefully. Have a look at the gemstone placed on the setting. You can take a gemstone expert along with you to help you out with the purchases. If you are buying gemstone ring for your fiancé as engagement ring, you need to be more careful about your purchases. Engagement rings of diamonds are very popular.

Astrological benefits of wearing Blue Topaz Gemstones

  • The effects of Saturn may be very strong on your life. An inauspicious placement can bring about disastrous consequences. If you think you are not being successful in life or facing other issues, show your horoscope to an expert astrologer.  If there is an inauspicious placement of Saturn in your horoscope, Blue Topaz can help to remove malefic impact.
  • People who are into trading, they can benefit from Blue Topaz
  • If law is your main area, you should wear a ring carrying Blue Topaz
  • Partnership businesses can gain huge success with blue topaz

Who can wear Blue Topaz?

Anyone who struggles hard to combat malefic effects of Saturn must try out Blue Topaz. People who are leather traders, lawyers, miners, coal merchants can wear Blue Topaz. People who are looking for affordable gemstone or cheaper substitute to Blue Sapphire can wear it.

If Saturn is seated in the 3rd House of your horoscope, you should wear Blue Topaz.



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