How to train your cat to be obedient

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Kittens, just like children must be taught how to live in your home, must be trained to be obedient and obedient. Furthermore, they also have to follow the rules you set to make yourself and your family feel comfortable. The key to training a kitten to be obedient and obedient is patience. So how do these things need to be done and done? Let learn about this issue in today's post!

Why are cats spoiled and naughty?

Kittens are like children, feeling the world around them and perceiving which behaviors are acceptable and which are not performed through positive and negative effects. Usually a kitten is not trying to be "spoiled", it is just learning how to behave.

Most kittens will be able to use a sandbox and a claw picker, so your baby won't cause any extra trouble for your family. However, sometimes the kitten seems unwilling or unable to do things.

At least 75% of kittens training related to troubleshooting has occurred. From there, you can find out why the cat is doing these bad actions, and then come up with the right way to train the cat to obey and improve the situation.

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How to train an obedient, obedient kitten!

To be able to train children to be more obedient and obedient, you need to understand some of the cat's living habits and then come up with appropriate measures.

Claw and cut nails

Cats always need to protect and take care of their claws. And to do that, cats need to scratch and sharpen their nails regularly.

Therefore, you need to keep babies away from furniture and other household objects. You can avoid all objects being raked off by three optimal methods: Give babies suitable objects to scratch, limit their space to move, cut nails regularly or use. plastic cat nail guards.

Chew and bite

Like babies, kittens check everything around with their mouths, especially when they teething. As with a toddler, you need to keep harmful objects out of the reach of the kitten.

Kittens love to "play fighting" and if there are no other cats around to respond to that, the baby cat will play human limbs as a way of entertainment.

While playing with kittens is fun because they are hyperactive and lovable, sometimes things get out of hand. Depending on the rules you have set, consider wearing gloves, using toys instead of playing with babies bare-handed, or simply turning away on your heels if your kittens become too much. rampage.

Go to the toilet

Most kittens will easily adapt to using the litter box, especially when they are brought up with the mother cat. On the other hand, it is usually quite easy to train children to use the sandbox. Make sure the litter box is in a place where your cat is easily accessible, is filled with slag or quality sanitary sand, and cleaned at least once a day. Right after the meal, put the baby cat in the box. You may have to teach the baby by holding the baby's feet and helping the scratching go into the box. This way, the kitten will quickly learn it!

If you follow the instructions above, it is likely that your kittens will make no mistake when going to the toilet, however, in rare cases, they keep making the same mistakes as going to the toilet over and over. In the wrong place, or refusing to re-fill it is most likely because you did not clean the sandbox often. Because avoiding the sandbox is also the main reason why the cat does not want to hang around in its shelter, this is also a way for cats to fight for a cleaner sandbox.

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