Why do dogs like to lick the owner's face?

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You think that licking your face is merely an act of expressing a dog's affection to its owner? In fact, their purpose is not so good.

Dogs have always been very affectionate animals with humans. They always show joy when playing beside their owner by sticking out their tongue, wagging their tail, or rather licking their hands or face.

But in fact, the act of licking the face of our owner in a dog's mind is not what we think.

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Of course it was an act of expressing happiness and determination towards the owner when the two had a long relationship with each other. This is also considered the animal's way of greeting its owner.

But the deeper reason seems to be more funny when the face-licking like that sometimes just shows that they are .. hungry.

Dogs love to lick their faces because they simply associate the salty taste of our skin with food. Be careful because your dog may be signaling to serve more food for them.

For many people who attach great importance to hygiene and health, the dog's licking behavior makes them quite afraid, because their saliva is full of bacteria anyway.

But there is some scientific evidence that proves that this kind of affection by dogs is very good for our health.

So if you have an addicted dog .. licking its owner's face, cheer it up because you are getting a lot going for you.

Studies performed by Dr. Charles Raison have concluded that canine saliva acts as probiotics.

These are living microorganisms that, when ingested in adequate amounts, will benefit the health of the host. This healthy bacteria will help boost immunity in humans and help prevent infection.

Just every day you are "licked" by your dog once or just a gentle kiss anywhere on the body. Rest assured that you will rarely have to be friends with the hospital.

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