How to Swaddle my Newborn Baby Securely & Safely

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Before becoming a parent, you might have noticed that newborn babies are often wrapped cozily in a thin blanket, with their arms and legs tucked inside. This process of wrapping one’s baby in a blanket is called ‘swaddling’. Most parents swaddle their babies until the little ones are 3-6 months old, especially while they sleep. Swaddling is highly advantageous for babies (and for parents). Here’s why you should swaddle a baby:
- Swaddling your babies correctly can help them feel secure & safe. The thought behind this is that swaddling gives the baby the secure feeling that they had when inside the womb.
- When you swaddle your baby properly, it helps counter a baby’s startle reflex also known as ‘Moro reflex’ which is the reaction your baby has when startled awake by something.
- When your babies are swaddled comfortably, it can help them relax and sleep better. That means more sleep for you too, Moms and Dads!
- Swaddling is great for babies with colic and also eases anxiety.
- It even prevents your baby from scratching the face, as your baby’s hands are comfortably tucked in.

So, how do you swaddle your baby correctly to help them feel secure & safe? Here’s what you need to know.

Choose the correct newborn baby swaddle cloth/swaddle blanket
Fabric is super important when picking a baby’s swaddle blanket. You’ll find that most swaddles and baby swaddle wraps are made from a light muslin cloth. This is because baby muslin swaddle blankets are really soft, light, airy and breathable, while keeping your baby warm & cozy at the same time. You want to make sure that your baby doesn’t get overheated. You can also find baby swaddle blankets in other materials. Fleece swaddles are also common in places with cold climates, but can make your baby pretty hot. Swaddle blankets made from soft & breathable Bamboo fabric are also becoming very popular. Organic materials are best for your baby’s sensitive skin. Most baby swaddle blankets are available in standard sizes (approx. 44x44 inches) but there are baby brands that carry smaller or larger swaddle blankets.

Learn how to swaddle securely
If your baby isn’t swaddled properly, he/she can easily break out of the baby blanket which can be dangerous when no one is around. It can cover your baby’s face or mouth, increasing risk of suffocation. That’s why it is crucial to learn how to swaddle a newborn baby properly. The first few times, supervise your baby closely to see if he/she is escaping the swaddle. Follow these steps to correctly swaddle your baby:
1. Spread out your baby’s swaddle blanket on the bed/changing table/safe flat surface in the shape of a diamond. Take the top corner and fold it downwards a few inches. This is where your baby’s head will stick out from. Now place your baby on his/her back in the centre of the swaddle and see that the top of the swaddle blanket is aligned with the top of baby’s neck.
2. Now, gently hold your baby’s left arm straight along the side of his/her body, firmly lift the left side of the swaddle from across your baby’s shoulder over your baby’s body and snugly tuck it under his/her right side.
3. Then, lift the bottom corner of the swaddle blanket and take it over your baby’s legs, bringing it up to the shoulder and tucking it behind your baby’s right shoulder. Always keep the hips loose. Your baby should be able to move the legs comfortably.
4. Once again, hold your baby’s right arm straight and take the other end of the swaddle blanket, securely pulling it across your baby’s body and tucking it under your baby’s left side.
5. Always check that the swaddle is secure and isn’t coming apart.

Although there are different swaddling methods, this is one of the best ways to swaddle your baby. With time and practice, swaddling becomes really easy and quick. It is practiced by parents all over the world and highly recommended by experts. 

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