How to set up a Home Theater system

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Have you always dreamed about a home theater system to have a real cinema feel within your room or to impress your family and friends? Most of the customers don’t go for the home theater not because of the money. They all feared setting a home theater system. But you will be glad to know setting up a home theater system is not a complex process nowadays. In the right direction, the setting up process would be fully stress-free and easy. Here are some things you have to know about before setting up a home theater.

What you need to get started

To set up a home theater system you need some materials to get started. All the updated materials you would find on the projector verge. Let’s have a look at the list:

  Home theater receiver


  Projector screen

  Smart Tv box


  Subwoofer Connection cable and Wire stripper. 


Before setting up you must ensure that you have all the cables. Because this system requires the head to head so many cable connections. And you have to place the receiver near a power source Make proper planning of your room where you want to place the speakers the projector and projector screen. Here I have detailed the most simple ways to set up a home theater. Just check out the steps:

Room selection and arrangement

To set up a home theater system it requires a large space. So you have to choose a suitable room and also have a good sound drowning space. That will help to drown out excess sounds. The most suitable room is the basement. But you may choose on your wish.


Projector and Screen set up

In previous days we normally used table-mounted projectors. That is not so suitable for home theater. And any movement of the projector decreases the focused image quality. So it will be better to choose a ceiling-mounted projector. Just choose a position on the ceiling and confirm the perfect focus.

Therefore, you should also have a better quality screen to have a clear image. The smoother the screen the clearer the image will be. In that case, you may buy either an external projector screen or you may paint the screen area on the wall. You will find some color manufacturers in the market which are manufacturing projector screen paint. This paint will make the wall bright and smoother to have a clear image focusing on it.

Positioning speakers

Home theater speakers are provided with 5.1 or 7.1 configurations. The 5.1 configurations will have:

  Two front speakers

  Two rear speakers

  Single overhead speaker

  One sub-woofer

The main difference between 5.1 and 7.1 is that 7.1 is provided with two overhead speakers. These speakers are supplied with marking where to place.


For a better sound experience in home theater, you have to set up a surround sound system. The surround sound system can be ensured by positioning the proper speaker to the proper place. You may find both wearable and wireless devices in the market now. Just go for the wireless system beyond doubt. Because the wires make a disturbance to look the room neat and also increases complexity at the time of making connections.

The connection between Audio and video on home theater

The home theater system must have an auxiliary device to carry video and audion, like TV, smart Tv box, DVD, or smartphone or laptop. Besides this, we have to connect both audio and video device separately. In that case, if we use TV as our auxiliary device we might connect the surround audio system through 3.5mm audio port and projector on the video output. But we would use a smart tv box then we may connect the projector through HDMI port and the audio system might be connected through 3.5mm audio output.


If you connect them with wire, you should stripe them either their motion might cause a disturbance in the continuous flow of sound and video. Connect on the proper port on the device. Because every type of audio port provides different audio qualities.

Finally ready to enjoy

Power on your devices and home theater. You need to customize some things like volume, balance, pitch adjustment. Set them to your comfortable range. The adjustment settings vary to models of home theaters. Some of them have rigid controls and some of them have very flexible controls. Setting up a home theater might seem to be a complex process but if you know where to place the materials and cables it will be very easy to set up.


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