How to Properly Install Diesel Generator Exhaust Pipe

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The exposed part of exhaust pipe should not come into contact with wood or other flammable materials.

The extension of the exhaust pipe must allow thermal expansion, and the pipe can prevent rainwater from entering.

There are two ways to install the exhaust pipe:

 Horizontal overhead: The advantage is less turning and less resistance; the disadvantage is poor indoor heat dissipation and high temperature in the machine room.

 Laying in the trench: The advantage is good indoor heat dissipation; the shortcomings have many turns and the resistance is large.

The temperature of the exhaust pipe of the generator set is high. In order to prevent the scalding operator and reduce the rise of the temperature of the machine room caused by radiation heat. It is advisable to carry out heat preservation treatment. The heat-insulating material can be wrapped with glass silk or aluminum silicate, which can place a role in heat insulation and noise reduction.

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1. Diesel generator exhaust pipes are usually made of unwelded flat steel material, and in some special cases, asbestos cement pipes are used.

2. The exhaust pipe of the diesel generator set shall discharge the gas to an area where will not cause damage or danger, and a protective cap or similar device at the end of the exhaust pipe to prevent rainwater from entering the pipe.

3. The part of the exhaust pipe that passes through the wall is recommended to be thermally insulated to prevent heat from escaping to the wall.

4. The connection of each exhaust pipe of the diesel generator must be well sealed to prevent gas leakage. The connection between flange and gasket is ideal. It is recommended to place a condenser with a socket at the bottom of the pipe.

5. The connection between the exhaust outlet of the diesel generator engine and the pipeline should use elastic hoses, which can alleviate the vibration of the diesel generator engine and the thermal expansion of the pipeline to avoid damage to other components.

6. The exhaust pipe of the diesel generator set also needs a flange (not the flange on the unit), so the exhaust pipe must be fixed on the wall or the top of the machine room with a strong support to prevent it from relying on the diesel generator engine (concentrator, turbo blower), can extend the length of the diesel genset exhaust pipe.

7. When a longer exhaust pipe is required, an expansion joint of an elastic sealing element should be installed.

8. When designing the exhaust pipe, the designer of the diesel generator set manufacturers suggest that the exhaust pipe should be installed away from the air filter of the diesel generator engine to prevent the machine from absorbing hot air or to conduct thermal insulation treatment on the exhaust pipe.

9. When using multiple diesel generator sets, it is not recommended to install all the exhaust pipes on the same pipe, because when some gensets are running and other units are shut down, there will be a problem: the exhaust gas will enter the unused units, resulting in unit damaged.

10. The exhaust back pressure of the engine has a great impact on the power and heat exchange generated by the unit. Excessive back pressure (measured at the exhaust outlet of a naturally aspirated engine or at the turbine outlet of a turbocharged engine) can cause the power of the diesel generator set to drop, the exhaust temperature is too high, and smoke is generated, increasing fuel consumption, causing the cooling water to overheat, the lubricant function fails and other engine components are damaged.

11. If the size of the exhaust pipe exceeds the range specified by the unit, please consult the diesel generator set manufacturer.

12. In order to calculate the total length of the exhaust pipe (which is very important for exhaust back pressure), the following factors must be considered:

 The diameter of the exhaust pipe is larger than the diameter of the engine exhaust pipe, and the linear exhaust pipe is preferably slightly inclined during installation to prevent backflow of condensate.

 When the pipe diameter is too large, a conical joint with a taper less than 30° should be used for connection to the engine exhaust port to avoid loss of more load.

13. The exhaust muffler is generally mounted on the extension of the engine exhaust pipe. If the unit is installed indoor, the exhaust pipe is also installed indoor. However, the installation of the exhaust pipe can also be separated from the diesel generating set. Industrial silencer can reduce the noise level by about 15-20 dB.

14. In order to reduce the noise generated by the machine itself, it can be achieved by reducing the distance of the pipe connected to the engine, so that the position of the muffler will be different.

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