How to Prepare for your Exams Effectively

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Preparing for your Tests

Tests and Finals are the most important events in a student’s life. They determine what the student have learned throughout the semester. Tests acts as a deciding factors that determines the knowledge the student was able to gain.

Studying should not be a stressful experience because stress during exams is not productive. This guide will help students in preparing a proper schedule for their studies, some important points to consider are:


Taking Notes and Keeping Up with the Class

The most important thing that you can do as a student when exam preparation is to study regularly every day. Studying and revising everything that you have studied in a single day will allow you to stay updated with the class. Taking notes is a very productive habit that later comes in handy when studying for a test.


Notes in the class allows you to review and expand the information you have about a particular topic. Notes also help you in preparing for your next class because every class and lessons are interrelated. Being prepared for your next class will ensure that you are prepared for your exam or test.


Last Minute Cramming

The most suitable approach to studying for a test is to prepare for the test days before the test is due. It provides you with sufficient time to prepare for the test. Not everyone can easily pull an all-nighter. For many students it is difficult to study all night without sleeping so it’s better to avoid this approach altogether.

Avoid cramming up everything you learned at the last minute, it will confuse your mind and most probably it has a risk of allowing you to forget everything that you studied. Cramming up information just before your test will add to the stress and make you forget what you studied for exam preparation.

Study Groups

In addition, there is the possibility to get together in a group to promote and challenge each other. It is not necessary to have the same learning material. It can already be helpful to meet and exchange regularly, to learn together and to solve emerging problems in the team. A learning team has the following advantages when preparing for your tests:


1.       Expectation and commitment: Agreements and learning objectives become binding and controllable by the group. The likelihood is higher that you actually fulfill the tasks.

2.       Emotional support: The team members are in a similar situation. They can, especially in times of doubt, give courage.

3.       Practical support: For problems, when creating the learning or schedules, etc. the team is in demand together.


Meetings of such a group should take place regularly. The gaps between the meetings, however, should not be too big. Once a week, therefore, offers unless you learn together (even then, regular "strategy meetings" are important).


Have a Time table and Goals

It is important to ensure that the meeting really serves the common goal and does not lead to irrelevant chatter. Working with a watch helps to keep control. For example, each team member can spend 5 minutes describing his situation, explaining problems, asking questions. This should be followed by 15 minutes, in which the team deals with the solution. At the end of the meeting, the results for the individual must be recorded in writing. This supports the learning effect and others' ideas will not be forgotten soon when preparing for your tests.

Each participant in the learning team should prepare for the meeting. Key questions are:

·         What have I achieved in the last few weeks?

·         What went wrong?

·         Which is my next goal, my next task?

·         What options do I have?

·         What are the obstacles?

·         Why do I need support?

Motivation to Improve and Learn

Motivating yourself to study is the most important stage in preparing for your test and exams. In general, good motivation requires good planning, a good place to study and the right learning technique.


The basic rules for tests preparation are: create a study plan for yourself! Complete your work according to the time table you created. Excessive claims must be reduced.


When preparing for your test consider that: First, you are required to provide an overview of the topic. Now, there is a classification according to the level of knowledge about the topic: you can assess the topic and determine your level of understanding of the topic.


This is followed by the time schedule. Stick to your schedule, because it corresponds to the preparation time. Keep your goals for preparing for the tests realistic and achievable. The more realistic the situation is, the easier it will be to experience success and frustration over non-compliant plans will be reduced. In the end you should consider the goals and targets for your test.

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