How To Play Drums For Beginners

by Peggy Lane Marketing

Many new drummers research the question how to play drums for beginners to which I answer the main obstacle between being able to sit behind a drum kit anytime, anywhere and being able to bust out impressive beats, fills and solos is the knowledge and skill that the professional drummers have which you don’t but desperately want.

I remember when I started first listening to rock music, I was air drumming and tapping imagining being able to play like my idols, I was desperate to find a source to teach me how to play drums for beginners!

When I first started beginner drum set lessons the other guys picked up drumming much faster than me and I found this frustrating but what allowed me to come out on top was my dedication, after my hard practice and dedication I managed to play like I always wanted!

We are Best Drum Set honestly believe anyone can become a great drummer, now I’m not saying world renown pro but a good solid drummer.

How to play drums for beginners

– Drumstick Grips

In your first beginner drum lessons you should learn (I’m sorry it’s not terribly exciting) is how to hold your drum stick! This really is the gateway to being able to play all those songs you want to. If you learn the correct grip and technique learning the drums will not only be easier but will also be faster!

How to play drums for beginners – The Different Grips

There are many different grips each with their own advantages and disadvantages but for the sake of this lesson, I recommend French grip.

Hold the stick between your thumb and index finger with your thumb nail facing upwards and the stick resting on your fingers. Not only is this grip easy to learn but is also the grip of choice for world speed drummers.

How to play drums for beginners

– Your First Beat

Drum beats otherwise known as chops range in difficulty, the beat I am about to teach you, is a basic Rock beat, and has been called “Rock beat 1”.

In order to play this beat you will need a drum kit (or two surfaces and your foot!) and know how to hold a drumstick (see above).

How to play the beat!

Count in your head “One, Two, Three, Four” at a slow steady pace…….not too fast there!

Now hit the Hi-Hat with your right hand (if you’re right handed) every time you count a number – 1,2,3,4.

Now keep counting “One, Two, Three, Four” at a slow steady pace then hit the Snare drum every time you count Two and Four (yes at the same time as you play the Hi-Hat with your other hand) –2,4.

Starting to sound good now, right?! We have one more addition to the beat – the bass drum!

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Mary Smith Advanced  Yobit Support 1-888-712-3146
Grip Holding the sticks in an efficient manner is key to getting off to a good start.
Fulcrum Pinch the sticks between the thumb and first joint of the index finger and/or the thumb and the second joint
Tight vs. Loose Gripping the sticks too tightly keeps the tip from bouncing freely off the playing surface. Secure the stick only hard enough to ensure that it doesn’t fly out of your hand
Jan 3rd 2019 05:49   
Peggy Lane Innovator  Marketing
Best of luck will try you will success
Jan 3rd 2019 06:09   
Mary Smith Advanced  Yobit Support 1-888-712-3146
ok thanks...................................................
Jan 3rd 2019 06:10   
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