Toto Clayton Toilet

by Peggy Lane Marketing

This toilet has a traditional look and feel to it. It is for those who want to keep a more traditional look in the home than an artsy modern look. The traditional is perfect for those who live in a classic home such as those found in the old Victorian part of town. Not everyone wants all the stainless steel appliances and cubism look and feel. Most think it’s a bit cold and would rather live in a home that is very warm and inviting. This is why Toto toilets has left some of its models to look like this on the outside but on the interior it is all 21st Century.

Along with this classic look you will also get the G-Max flushing system and a fast flush: Wide 3’’ flush valve which is over 125% larger than the standard 2”. ADA compliant is the name of the game here for those who have special needs or a little help. The bowl features a larger water surface inside while the toilet is at rest. I almost forgot, it is also a water saver - you can choose the 1.28 GPF or 1.6 GPF models and both come with the siphon jet flushing action.

This is a standard two piece toilet, meaning the tank is separate from the bowl/base unit, and it has a regular lid just like you would come to expect in a normal traditional toilet. You can upgrade the seat to a SoftClose seat or a Washlet. It comes in the elongated bowl with a 12” rough-in for easy remodel or replacement work. And it comes standard with a chrome plated trip lever. You will be able to choose from five inviting colors in keeping with the softer feel you are looking for: Cotton, Bone, Colonial White, Sedona Beige and Ebony.

It also comes with the EPA WaterSense stamp of approval. The WaterSense program is to let each consumer that this product is designed to help save and protect our nation’s water supply. This is not a program devoted to products that use less water than their competition but rewards those who engineer innovative new ideas on how to use the water in the most efficient ways without the loss in performance of the product. Basically it is designed to encourage private industry to more with less.

Another rating Toto gives to its better product is the E-Max. It is the 1.28 gallon per flush system that is based on Totos computer designed G-Max flushing system. E-Max uses up to 20% less water than the standard 1.6 GPF systems. The E-Max will lead the way on becoming the new standard.

I know what you’re thinking. When low flow toilets first came out they handle the job at hand. Which is true because all the competition did was put on a smaller capacity tank and left the original system for “the after the fact” portion of any bathroom visit. Not at Toto! They knew that with less water being consumed the lower unit would need a dramatic new design.

Toto has been in this business for over 90 years and staying out in front of the competitor is no easy task. They employ many engineers who are constantly searching for ways to improve all of their products. It was the Toto engineers that came up with the E-Max and G-Max systems. That is why the Toto brand is always requested by Lic. Plumbers, Lic. Contractors and those Homeowners in the know of what real quality truly means.

You have two models to choose from in this series. Eco Toilet, 1.28 GPF and the Standard Toilet, 1.6 GPF. The Eco will save you the most water per flush, up to 20% more than the rest and comes ADA compliant. It also features the E-max flushing system. All this new modern engineering on the inside while keeping the traditional look on the outside. The Standard 1.6 GPF is for those not officially ready to take the plunge to a "lesser water using" toilet, can choose the Standard. It utilizes the G-Max flushing system and can be ordered ADA compliant.

Two more things that I mentioned earlier are the optional SoftClose seat and the Washlet System. Let’s start with the SoftClose. It is a special seat with a specifically designed hinge incorporated to keep the seat from slamming shut but rather easing itself down in a slow but deliberate motion until it come to rest on he bowl. This seat design combined with the efficiency of the Toto flush system [no more double flushing] will help keep your business in the bathroom in a nice suitable quiet manor instead of loud and possible embarrassing noises escaping under the bathroom door.

The Washlet This is a refreshing way in your pursuit of cleanliness to keep clean. Not to be confused with a Bidet this is an option for a standard toilet. This way of cleanliness will lead to a more “green friendly” way for a bathroom visit. We now use water to clean everything else we bathe, shower and wash our face with water why not here? The cleaning wand is self washing and retracts after each use.

The Washlet comes with an array of options like an auto-flush sensor or maybe you’d like the lid to open and close on its own when you approach, it even can be remotely operated. Don’t worry about a cold splash of water either. The water will be warmed before application and after warm water comes nice gentle warm air for drying. The air has three different temperature settings to choose from too. How about a heated seat? Yes it is offered too. That would be perfect for those who live in snow country. The Washlet comes in four different models.

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