How to Pick the Perfect Pillow for Sleeping Well?

by Garima Sharma Ms

Reduced sleep quality is posing to be a global concern at this point. With rising stress levels due to professional pressure, a large group of the population is unable to sleep well. While many remedies to this problem exist, such as luxury mattresses, pre-sleep yoga, etc., there is one particular aspect that most people tend to forget ever too often.

We are, of course, talking about pillows. People just buy a pillow without thinking about its pros and cons, or whether it suits their sleep requirements. In reality, a pillow is one of the primary elements that dictates your sleep posture, which, if incorrect, can lead to disturbed sleep and various chronic conditions. Furthermore, if you are folding up your pillow, turning it over multiple times, or any other such thing, then it is definitely time to change it.

To ensure maximum comfort, you can choose Wink & Nod, one of the best luxury pillow makers. Their products are availed by people across the country, and the brand can serve as your designated sleep expert.

 Why should you change your pillow?

The primary purpose of a pillow is to provide support to the uppermost parts of your body, the head, neck, and shoulders. For this, the pillow must be firm and comfortable at the same time. A regular person sleeps about 7-8 hours a day, and that adds up to about 2500 hours every year. So it is quite expected that a regular pillow will be wilted by the end of the year.

An easy test is to fold your pillow in half and see if it sits in that position. If it does, then it requires changing immediately. Now that you know it needs to be changed, here are the details of Wink & Nod’s premium pillow ranges.

Pillows are personal

And thus, they need to be picked on an individual basis. Be it the fill, the fluffiness, the fabric, or the size; the decision should be based on your particular requirements. A wrong choice will cost you dearly in the long run, so pay attention!

Snow Pillows

This is one of the best-selling range of pillows from the house of Wink & Nod. It comes with cool-gel infused memory foam such that the inside fill adjusts itself to your sleeping position and additionally provides a cooling effect. The fabric has holes punched into it that allow for the free circulation of air, so the pillow feels fresh even after long-term usage.

Mist Pillows

Built with the optimum GSM microfibers, the Mist range of pillows are luxurious to the touch and provides the maximum amount of comfort possible. The fibers are also devoid of any component that can cause allergies, so you will sleep without a worry in the world. These pillows also word great as side pillows since they are extremely huggable and cozy.

Carbon Pillows

Worried about pollution? These pillows are the perfect solution. They feature memory foam with active charcoal ingredients that keep the pillow fresh and also ward off all toxins and other pollutants. This pillow will ensure that your family remains safe, and sleep quality is never hampered. They also feature air circulation channels that keep the freshness intact.

Sleeping position and pillow choice

How you sleep should dictate your choice of pillow. While we all sleep in multiple positions, there is a particular position that takes the primary stage. If you sleep on your side, then you must definitely choose a soft and light pillow such as the Mist Pillow. People who sleep on their back, however, or on their stomach should choose the memory foam based Snow Pillow.

If you own strong and firm mattresses, then choose a light pillow that can help ease the tension around your neck. Or if you own a memory foam type mattress, then pick a hard pillow such that your neck and spine remains straight even when your body sinks into the bed.

Welcome yourself to the luxury pillow range from Wink & Nod

This is a leading brand that caters to providing the best sleeping arrangements, be it through quality mattresses or luxury pillows. All Wink & Nod pillows come packaged in an air-sealed box, and currently, the brand is offering free delivery on all of their pillow ranges.

Ignoring the quality and makeup of your pillow can result in various ailments that will haunt you forever. Furthermore, if you are not receiving quality sleep, it will definitely affect both your personal and professional life.

Cater to your personal sleeping needs with the help of the above points and bring home a Wink & Nod pillow to welcome yourself to the best of sleep quality.

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