Does Your Mattress Affect Sleep Quality

by Garima Sharma Ms

Does your mattress affect your sleep quality?

Getting sound sleep is of absolute importance. But did you know that it’s not only the length but the quality of your sleep that matters while ensuring safe health and rejuvenation? And one of the primary factors that affect your sleep quality is the quality of your mattress.

With our daily schedules becoming busier and our mind staying tired throughout the day, a good night’s sleep is the greatest comfort one can ask for.  A good mattress can help you ensure the same.

If you thought your mattress does not affect your health, think again! Here are a few ways in which having a good mattress will affect your sleep and allow you to attain better health results:

Sleep without stress

If you are sleeping on a surface that is uncomfortable, your unconscious psyche will always process this discomfort and you will feel stressful even when you are sleeping. As a result, when you wake up you will not feel rested and this would become a chronic condition. Long-term effects of sleeping on uncomfortable surfaces include anxiety, tension, confusion, stress, etc. 

But if you have a comfortable mattress, preferably a memory foam mattress, your quality of sleep has chances to improve substantially. And the absolute removal of stress will ensure that you stay healthy and feel completely rested upon waking up.

Chronic pain removal

You might not realize it, but many of your physical ails may be connected to your sleeping posture. Chronic back pains, shoulder aches, joint aches, and others are long term effects of bad sleeping posture caused by poor quality mattresses. A good mattress will be able to cure problems with your sleeping posture as you’ll be comfortable in every posture you sleep in.

The body needs an equal amount of support on all the parts when it sleeps. The absence of this causes body aches. A good mattress will provide an even and smooth surface that will allow you to get the right pressure for your body while sleeping.


Old, worn-out, or damp mattresses are famous for attracting bacteria and insects that lead to critical skin diseases. People can even acquire asthma from sleeping on damp mattresses. If you sleep on an old mattress, then you are prone to get rashes which will result in itching. Whereas, switching it for a new comfortable mattress will ensure that none of these diseases are able to affect you.

Older people and children can easily acquire diseases from old mattresses. Good quality mattresses are a must in order to maintain family and personal health. 

Snoring control

If you have a problem with snoring it might be caused due to lack of quality sleep. When our brain is not able to get enough oxygen, it tries drawing-in extra amounts of oxygen through the nose and mouth which subsequently results in snoring. With a good mattress, you can ensure that your sleep is deep and stress-free, thereby ensuring enough oxygen circulation. Many sleep-related behavioral problems can be solved with a good mattress.

A better life

Lastly, having a good mattress will make your overall life better. When you come home from work after a tiring day you will be able to sink into a mattress that provides you with total comfort. You will also wake up with the utmost comfort every morning, allowing you to begin every day with a fresh mindset.

A good mattress will ensure that your days begin and end with comfort and that your resting period provides you with the much-required rejuvenation. Removal of sleep deprivation, stress, and anxiety will ensure that you stay healthy throughout the day.

Mattresses are often aspects of one’s furniture that are not much thought about. But if one carefully chooses a mattress that suits them, they realize the difference it can create over time. 

There are various types of mattresses available in the market and each one has a unique effect on our body. Hence, make sure to put in the research before you choose a mattress and take a step towards a better you.

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