How to Improve Your Living Room: Simple Hacks to Better Your Living Space

by Giles Johnson Owner
Even though many people put emphasis on the kitchen and bathroom when they move in or renovate, the living room is always a priority to professionals. Decorators and designers always start changing things in their living rooms. Considering that you spend way more time in your living room than you do in the kitchen and bathroom, this comes as no surprise. So, let’s take a look at a few tips that will show you how to make your living room more pleasant and better looking.

Art and why you need it in your living room

Creating a focal point and giving your space some “wow” effect by hanging pieces of art on one of your living room walls works like a charm. The larger the art piece, the better. It is not a huge investment (if you don’t want to visit auctions and bid for some expensive paintings) but it can really make a difference. Of course, you should not overdo it. One large painting accompanied by one or two smaller pictures should be enough. Decorating doesn’t need to involve high expenditure.

Keep it simple but significant

Never ever put too many things in your living room. It’ll look cluttered and hence awful. An over-accessorised room where you have unnecessary pieces of furniture, colorful decorations, and too many plants will only suffocate you because you are the one that’s going to spend the majority of your days there. Be sophisticated and keep it simple, go through your stuff and only keep the pieces that have sentimental value. A simplified space enables things that are there to shine in their full glory. Remember that.

Allow light into your living space

Lighting is important. There is no worse thing that can significantly get your mood down than bad lighting. On top of that, it will make your living room look less desirable. In order to breathe in some fresh air aesthetically into your living room, introduce new lighting solutions but don’t overdo it - be subtle. Modern looking pendant lighting options should be considered since they are typically smaller and placed in sets. That will help the light be more subtle. The source is smaller and it’s better. You will have no trouble finding these solutions thanks to stores like Lampwise. The offering is huge and you won’t have to fear prices since they are quite reasonable.


Of course, natural light is equally important when it comes to lighting in your living room. Hopefully, your home has big enough windows. In which case, you have to take advantage of them as much as you can. Leave them uncovered. That way you will open up your space and lighten up the area naturally. If you don’t have the benefit of bigger windows, make sure that you don’t cover what you already have; or just introduce blinds or drapes.

Furniture placement

This is really important. Do not cram all your furniture in one corner. Move the pieces away from each other and let the room breathe. If you like large furniture pieces, you don’t have to buy only the pieces that are large in size. Also, apply the three-foot rule when arranging your furniture. Set a three-foot distance in between furniture. That way you’ll have a comfortable walking space and the room will feel much more pleasant.


Some tricks here are simple, you may find some less simple but one thing is certain, following them will do no harm aesthetically. And that’s the aim.

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