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Ideally, the organization should send an invoice within 7 days of the successful completion of the order. Unfortunately, not many organizations today understand the importance of sending invoices on time. Errors can be many and varied. Delays in the process can be due to several reasons. As a business owner, you need to identify the right challenge and work to correct it.

There are bottlenecks in the traditional invoice approval process that need to be addressed to achieve a high conversion of receivables.

Here are some challenges in the traditional invoice approval process:

Slower processes

Paper invoices are still common in many organizations, leading to slowdowns in the invoice approval workflow. Manually processing and approving each invoice is time-consuming. The slower processing time of the invoice approval workflow results in delays to the accounting department and then difficulties in managing the organization's cash flow.

Tracking of invoices is lost.

As the traditional way of managing invoices is to send and communicate physical invoices. Therefore, the loss of invoices is a common phenomenon in the overall invoice approval system. They can get lost and never reach the right person for approval and further action.

Increased likelihood of duplicate and fraudulent behavior

Paper accounts are prone to any kind of damage or fraud, while you have zero control over any of them. When tracking invoices manually, it is more common for a company to have misunderstandings and payment problems. People are prone to making mistakes, and that leaves no one out in the cold.

Invoice validation software

Enhanced invoice approval workflow software is fast becoming part of businesses worldwide, and AP departments are gaining significant competency using such solutions. An automated invoice approval solution can significantly speed up the invoice approval process and make the payment mechanism more efficient and smooth.

The invoice approval process can be made simpler and more organized by adopting clearly defined steps for faster approval.

In fact, invoices can be processed with little or no human intervention if the following steps are incorporated:

The invoice approval workflow:

1. Invoice approval process:

The entire invoice approval process remains unchanged. 1. Prepare your invoices using pre-defined templates. Add all relevant information and check that you have not omitted any items from the invoice.

2. Activate the invoice approval system:

Once you have finished creating the invoice, the next step is to approve the invoice. Once you have completed the approval process, you are ready to approve the invoice. To enable the invoice approval process in Invoicera, go to your add-on settings and integrate the current invoice settings into the invoice approval system.

3. Select Options according to your business requirements:

The administrator has the ultimate authority to select all settings from basic to advanced options for invoice review/editing. Now add and customize options for each project and send accurate invoices in one go.

4 Set up approval authorities in the electronic invoice approval software:

After setting up the entire invoice approval system, the next important task is to get the right people involved in the invoice approval process. Select the people involved in the project from the full list and send them the invoice for approval and suggestions.

5. Take Action:

After a thorough staff review, be prepared to incorporate the proposed changes at that time without rewriting the entire bill.

6. Auto Send Approved Invoices:

This is the last step in the complete bill approval workflow. Once the bill has been approved and finalized, it can be automatically sent to the client without any issues.

How to use the invoice approval workflow software across your company:

Invoice approval workflow software completes the invoicing process. This add-on helps you send accurate invoices at once. Here's how the revolutionary invoice validation process can benefit your business:

  • You can send error-free invoices at once.
  • It allows you to send only one invoice at a time, so you don't have to send one invoice at a time.
  • Streamlined workflow ensures fast and smooth cash flow.
  • Easy and simplified invoicing.
  • Save time spent retyping invoices.
  • Build your brand image by accurately communicating official documents.

Did you know?

Why is the invoice validation process necessary in business today?


In many ways, an online invoice approval system like Invoicera saves time and money and is a much-needed system in today's business ecosystem. 

The solution you choose provides customized end-to-end AR and AP management:

  • Tailored automated solutions
  • Integration with existing CRM and ERP solutions
  • Integrated with CRM and ERP systems
  • Advanced analytics and automated reporting
  • Customized workflow management
  • Customization of brand accounts

"Invoicera helps companies automate their validation workflows, making validation fast and easy!

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