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Many people know that Chinese products are very cheap, including those that are sold here in Australia . But few people know how to import from China and get even lower prices.


Check below the Step by step to import from China:


1) Import from China Choose the product you are interested in well


It seems obvious, but sometimes the person regrets not looking for the best product.


2) Define if you want to buy directly or through an intermediary


This choice is important. If you want to buy directly from a website, read the next item. If you prefer to have more freedom to choose any product from any site, check out the other items below.


3) Buy from a website that provides direct delivery to Australia


This option speeds up the process, but limits your purchases a little because not all products are on these sites (we will soon indicate another reliable site to buy without fear).


4) Find a seller by Drop Shipping


This type of seller will buy the product from China and then mail it to you. Many Chinese sites do not allow you to buy and send directly to Australia, so you need to perform drop shipping (we will explain more details about this modality later in this article, rest assured).


5) Establish a trusting relationship with that seller


There are many drop shipping providers, but you need to perform the service with someone you trust. We'll give you tips on how to find trusted sellers right away.


6) Create a virtual store to resell the imported products


Importing for own consumption is advantageous, but why not resell here in Australia? After following the steps and learning how to import from China, you will be in front of all Australia who do not know how to do this, so you can profit from this knowledge by selling these products to them.


Are Chinese products of quality?


Quality First of all, it is worth mentioning that the fact that a product is from China does not mean that it is counterfeit, contrary to what many people think.


There is a certain prejudice against Chinese goods, after all, several imitations and replicas of original products are sold with the inscription " Made in China ", which encourages negative thinking about the products of that country. However, many famous brands have factories in China, since the cost of production there is much lower than in other countries like the USA .


But why are production costs in China lower? There are two main reasons: cheap labor and reduced rates. As the population of China is very large, the great demand for jobs allows the officers (companies) to reduce workers' wages, after all, there will always be someone “willing” to work for less.


There is also little protection for the Chinese labor rights, and this means that companies can exploit their workers without mercy. We hope that this change and the Chinese government acts to improve the lives of its citizens, but in the meantime, China's products should remain cheap.


Well, before you think that importing from China you will be helping to finance labor exploitation, understand that the main responsible and financier of this reality are the companies that import ready-made parts and products. Many brands of fans, appliances, computer accessories, etc. that you buy in stores in Australia have pieces that came from China. If you want to help reduce Chinese exploitation, you should stop buying almost everything that is sold in the Australia market!


The direct import of products from individuals does not represent a fraction of a thousandth percentage of this. Especially because, almost nobody knows how to import from China, because if they did, they would not be paying high prices in stores built by Australia tariffs.


Quick solution to buy from China


Before starting to discuss importing from China in detail, let's first give you a tip on a website where you can buy anything from China: electronics, toys, household items, accessories, etc. All straight from Chinese stores. And the best: with free shipping all over Australia! That's right, you choose from a huge variety of Chinese products on sale and there is no additional import cost. It is as if China is next to your home! Smiling chinese


The only disadvantage is that this online store does not work with products from famous brands; just generic brands or replicas, then you will be buying imitations from China. However, this can be very useful depending on the product. Cases for cell phones, pendrives, tools, among others, do not need to be of a "known brand" to satisfy your need.


There are hundreds of extremely useful utensils and goods for your daily life that you can purchase for a bargain price. Another advantage is that the site has a Portuguese version and payment can be made by Paypal or international credit card. In other words, in reality you don't even need to "learn" how to import from China in this case, because with this tip you will already be buying Chinese products buying in the same way as if you were buying products in Australia over the internet.


How long does the product purchased from China?


Delivery time usually takes, on average, 15 to 30 days (which is a relatively short time when it comes to import). Another good news is that these products are rarely stuck at customs, as the packers send as a "gift", making the logo not appear in the order (which greatly reduces the likelihood of being taxed).


For these reasons, we suggest this site for your own consumption. Tested and approved! Want to buy from China without needing to know how to import? Click on this link to go to the official website: Deal Extreme Official. But if you want to learn to import on your own (getting better returns), keep learning below:


How to import from China and resell in Australia


When the intention is not just to buy for own consumption, the act of importing from China will require some additional details, such as selecting reliable wholesale suppliers  who know the Australian market and have  experience in the role.  In addition, it is recommended that you understand some basic rules and some terms related to the import niche, such as “drop shipping” and care not to be taxed. Understand:


Import by Drop Shipping


In case you don't know, drop shipping is a method where the sale of products is carried out without any stock, since the distributors deliver the product directly to the final customer. Thus, the business risk is very low for the seller because there is no capital stock in stock, that is, the seller does not need to buy a product, store and wait for a buyer to appear (he buys already knowing his end customer and passes on the goods directly to him).


There is no minimum quantity of products per order and the initial cost is very low. Obviously, it is not only those who learn to import from China who practice Drop Shipping; any importer, regardless of the country of origin, uses this technique.


But not everything is perfect. With the popularity of Chinese imports, many drop shipping suppliers have emerged, with a very small portion of them being reliable! You can end up getting a huge headache if you receive defective products, different colors, exchanged products, etc.


Finding reliable suppliers is a real challenge, as there is no other way than to test and test. The ideal would be to talk to someone who has experience in the business and knows the best suppliers. Obviously, these tips are extremely valuable and are worth a lot of money, so they are revealed only in import courses. Knowing how to import from China successfully on the basis of trial and error is not an easy thing to learn overnight. That's why it's worth so much money!


Is there a course that teaches these secrets?


Yes, there are several courses, but not all are really worth the cost. This is because many courses only throw superficial information, without many details and without exploring the most important issues (such as the one of the suppliers that we have just commented).


There is a course that covers everything from the principles of importing to the most refined techniques for you to take advantage of the smallest details when importing from China or any other country. It is a very complete and didactic material; it is called the import formula. The cool thing is that this course was made for laymen in the subject, so even if you are a beginner (or know absolutely nothing about importing) you will be able to learn everything and put it into practice very quickly!


It is worth using all the concepts taught in this course; in fact, the price charged for the course is very low compared to what you will get in savings on your imports and purchases from China.

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