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Many changes have been made in the way a person has to apply for a Canada work permit. By making new changes to the program for foreign workers, Canadian immigration is trying to protect both foreign workers from exploitation and the Canadian labor market.

Work from Canada

In almost all cases, a job offer is required to obtain a Canada work visa. A job offer can also help to obtain permanent residence in Canada, through an opinion on organized employment. Some categories, such as open work permits and the work visa program require Canada work permit requirements to obtain a work permit from Canada.

Opinions on the labor market (LMO)

Furthermore, most work permits in Canada require verification in the labor market, which is known as an opinion on the labor market (LMO). Once a person obtains a positive LMO, he can apply for a work permit from Canada. If the Canadian work permit requires an LMO, the Canadian employer must first announce the position and be able to prove that there are no permanent residents or Canadian citizens who are qualified to maintain the position. There are some advertising exemptions for Canada's work permit categories that require an LMO.

Once an application is submitted and approved and the foreign citizen obtains his permanent resident visa in Canada, he may immigrate to Canada and have many of the same rights as Canadian citizens. The permanent residents of Canada have the right to medical care, to establish their residence and work in every Canadian province, to protect the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Canada and to request Canadian citizenship once the requirements have been met.

In fact, the only difference between a Canada PR visa and a Canadian citizen is the right to hold public office, join the armed forces and vote. Becoming a permanent resident in Canada is a privilege, which can be withdrawn if the person is convicted of a crime and, as a result, deported.

Find a job in Canada:

It takes patience and planning to find jobs in Canada for immigrants. Jobs are easier to find through a social network. If your social network in Canada is limited, feel free to use our Application for Jobs in Canada. If you are a worker located outside of Canada, it may not be easy to find a job in Canada.


Some employers hesitate to undertake the work permit process for a variety of reasons. For example, they may not know how to navigate the requirements and procedures imposed on them by the Canadian government. Canada work permit agent is pleased to communicate with employers, on behalf of foreign workers, to explain in simple terms the various processes and regulations on Canadian immigration involved.

Another way in which a permanent resident in Canada may lose his status is not to fulfill his residence obligation. A permanent Canadian resident is required to spend two years in each five-year period in Canada. If, in a port of entry or office seen in Canada, an officer is concerned that a permanent Canadian resident has not fulfilled his residence requirement, he can count five years ago to verify that Canada's permanent resident has passed. at least 730 days in Canada. 

To comply with the residency requirement, a permanent Canadian resident must have spent 730 days in the last five years by doing one of the following:

• Reside and stay in Canada

• Accompany the Canadian spouse abroad

Jobs in Canada for Indians for a Canadian company

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