How to Handle a Tough Situation in De Facto Relationships

by Rachel Radcliffe Legal Firm Perth

When you’ve been living in a home with your domestic partner for at least two years, separation can be complicated. Discussing your case with family law solicitors can help you to know your rights and how to proceed throughout your case. It is imperative that if you’re in need of de facto relationship lawyers you contact someone sooner rather than later.

Here are a few things you need to consider when you’re facing the separation of a de facto relationship.

What Classifies this Type of Relationship?

To be classified in a de facto relationship you must not have married your partner and you had to live together in typical domestic fashion for at least two years. This is how the Family Law Act in 1975 has defined this type of relationship. You also cannot be related to the person you were living with, so this type of coverage does not deal with relationships such as parental/child relationship or siblings, cousins, etc.

Is There a Time Limit to File?

If you need to file a case with your family law solicitors, you can not wait more than two years after the separation has taken place. If you do, then you must get permission from the courts themselves to pursue an agreement or simply make one with your past partner. It is important that you contact your attorney sooner rather than later if you wish to make an agreement covering any financial responsibilities between the two of you or if you’re in need of discussing childcare arrangements.

Domestic Violence 

When you have been dealing with a domestic violence issue, you also need to consult an attorney sooner rather than waiting for the situation to pass. You want to make sure you and your children involved are protected and that is where the domestic violence lawyers Perth come in. They can help you get the necessary legal protection that you need while making sure your other needs are met such as financial arrangements and restraining orders if need be.

There are a couple of options you have concerning restraining orders against the accused abuser. You can get an interim restraining order which can be filed without the abuser in person. The final restraining order must be decided on with the respondent in question at the hearing. This can be quite an overwhelming process and you want experienced attorneys on your side to help you through the situation.

Whether you’re separating amicably or you’re in a difficult situation, having financial and childcare agreements worked out soon after the separation is the best policy. You want to make sure your rights and the rights of your children involved are taken care so there are no questions down the road.  

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