How To Get Rid Of Addiction Without Any Relapse?

by Mudassar Ali Tourist and Writer!
The rate of substance abuse continues to rise in the US. Every year countless young and adult lives are lost to drugs, and countless others are ruined even though people are fully aware of the consequences of substance abuse.

What is an addiction?
Addiction is a disease in which the user is unable to control his drug consumption as the cravings intensify. There are numerous causes of addiction, and they’re mostly environmental. Teens mostly start on drugs for fun or under peer pressure while addiction in young adults may be caused due to depression, anxiety, stress, work and societal pressure or lack of social and parental support.
Drugs alter the mental state of the user, making them believe that they’re more than satisfied with their lives, their sense of responsibility and morality start to diminish. They start losing interest in their responsibilities, family, work and social lives and their physical condition start deteriorating. At first, addiction has a temporary, short-term effect on the mental and physical state of the addict but as time passes, the effects start to deepen until they become permanent.

Only half of the users are admitted to get addiction treatment while the rest either don’t realize that they need help or are too afraid to go through the pain of withdrawal. A naturally occurring drug called CBD derived from hemp, after some research, has been proven to help minimize cravings, withdrawal rate and relapse.

How does CBD aid addiction treatment process?
CBD is known to interact with the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) of the human body and influence the immune system to cure inflammation, relieve pain, and treat depression, anxiety, epilepsy, cancer etc. Cannabidiol signals the release of Serotonin and Dopamine which are responsible for managing mood, behavior, sleep and appetite.

They help reduce depression and anxiety which may be the cause of addiction. CBD is also known for its role in initiating neurogenesis- generation of new neurons. Addiction causes the death of neurons in the brain, but it can be minimized with the use of CBD. Due to excessive addiction, the brain develops a reward mechanism and asks for reinforcements when the user quits.

Cannabidiol interferes with this mechanism and reduces the chances of withdrawal. It also cures all the physical complications caused due to addiction. The drug is known to act as energy supplements to treat weakness and restore internal functioning back to normal.

Instead of taking unnecessary medicines to prevent withdrawal and relapse, Cannabidiol can be used to reduce cravings and ensure a life of sobriety. To be the most effective, CBD products should contain pure CBD, e.g. Private Label hemp capsules that should be consumed daily for promising results.

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