How to Get Bastion the Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 is comprised of various hidden aspects and its mysterious attribute is the primary reason for the massive acclamation across the globe. Corridors of Time is the latest addition to the game, and let’s just say it is a bit intricate to solve.

The mystery involves a hefty creature Labyrinth who is eager to kill the players, and gamers need to knock down him to attain their escape. The gamers will gain a new quest of Momento after solving the puzzle.

How to Get Bastion the Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2

The quest is beneficial for the players as it rewards the renowned Exotic Fusion Rifle, also known as Bastion. The article will favor the players who are trying to accomplish this mission to put their hands on this fantastic reward. The task is a bit intricate, so it is suggested to be attentive while reading this article.

Complete Corridors of Time

Gamers need to complete the Corridors of Time to unlock Momento, and they can easily accomplish it with our help. Players can quickly solve this puzzle by following the symbols written-below:

First, Clover - then, Diamond - then, Snake - then,  Clover - then,  Plus - then, Plus - then, Hex - then, Hex - then, Hex - then, Plus - then, Diamond - then, Plus - then, Snake - then, Diamond - then, Clover - then, Snake - then, Plus - then, Plus - then, Snake - then, Snake - then, Hex - then, Diamond - then, Clover - then, Plus - then, Diamond - then, Hex - then, Hex - then, Diamond - then, Plus - then, Diamond.

Once gamers solve the puzzle of Corridors of Time, they will attain access to Momento.

Complete Momento Quest

Gamers can easily access this mission by heading straight to Saint-14 and accept the task there. Once gamers have accepted this quest, they need to obtain Five fallen Intel of fallen Servitors alongside Captains.

Gamers can easily accomplish this by visiting The area of Thieves landing in Tangled Shore. After that, they need to head to the Hallowed Lair Strike, and this is where the Fallen Captain spawns every time. Gamers need to beat it for five times to attain five Intels.

Interact with Spider

Now after attaining five Intels, gamers need to move to the top to interact with Spider. The Spider will give the players a mission of killing Aksiniks in the Empty Tank Lost Sector. After killing the minion, gamers need to get back to Spider and have an Interaction.

Arm Quest

The section of Momento Quest demands the players to accomplish a few tasks:

  • Gamers need to accomplish at least 10 Spider bounties.
  • Gamers need to kill at least 30 challenging enemies.
  • Gamers need to accomplish at least 8 Public Events.

Kill Reysk

The last step of Momento's quest is to head straight to the Four-Horn Gulch that lies in Tangled Shore. Now, they need to access the Cave of Trapper, and there, they need to locate a Grave that lies near the Waterfall. Once the players discover the said Grave, they need to have a brief interaction with it. After that is finished, Reysk spawns in front of the players, and gamers need to kill it.

Once gamers have successfully slain Reysk, then they need to get back to Saint-14 to attain the reward. Finally, the quest of Momento will be successfully accomplished by the players and they will attain a worthy reward. Although Bastion is a potent weapon of Destiny 2, there are several more powerful weapons available in this game, but attaining it is the most simple among them all.

Gamers who are new to the mysterious world of Destiny 2 can play it on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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