How to Find Star Wars Easter Egg in Google Maps?

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Star Wars world is full of surprises and now is stunning its fans with its new Easter Egg. This Easter Egg will grant the fans of the franchise with an ability of light speed to head straightly to other planets quickly. This ability resembles Millennium Falcon, which contains traveling of ships.

How to Find Star Wars Easter Egg in Google Maps?

Although, the reason behind the arrival of Easter Egg also contains the celebration for the franchise latest movie. Besides that, the movie has also been prompted by the inclusion of an event in Fortnite. In this article, we will notify the fans of the franchise about several ways to locate Easter Egg in Google Maps. Please ensure that you read every bit of this article carefully to avail of the best outcomes.

Zoom Out

The fans who want to head to the process to obtain light speed need to visit Google Maps to ensure that it’s a desktop version. Once they have visited successfully, then they need to tap the Satellite tab that appears in the lower-left section in the accessed menu.

 After that, they need to hover down by using the mouse, or it can also be done by tapping the -minus tab lies in the lower right section. This will summon the Zoom out phenomenon on the screen, and fans will be encountering the 3D model of the Earth alongside a popup menu and a view of space. All this features the eternal cycle of all the planets of the Solar System rather than the Earth.

Jump to Other Planets

Players can choose any planet from the appeared Solar System on the screen and can easily jump to any of the prefer planet. It can be VenusMercuryMarsSaturn, or maybe Jupiter; the user just needs to hover the mouse icon on the preferred option and then needs to do a left-click on it.

After the left click is successfully implemented, players need to oversee Google Maps as they will witness that instantly they will reach the preferred destination similar to the movie. There are several more prerequisites that fans need to be aware of before proceeding to this process.

Fans need to ensure that they are using a Desktop Browser because the mobile browser or the app won’t work it out for them. Till now, there are only places that grant access, and players need to check by trying visiting them. However, in the future, there will be several more places that fans can access.


We all know that it is not the first time that Google Maps has shown us an aspect like this. The Google Maps have already promoted the Legend of Zelda and Nintendo for Pokemon, and thus, now it is favoring Star Wars to reach to more and more new hearts across the world.

Besides the promotion, it also quite clear that Google is working on its Map technology a lot, and thus, it’s the best way to test it alongside favoring fans to explore Planets. In the end, we hope that you will probably find this blog useful.

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