How To Care For Your Peace Lily Plants: Everything You Need To Know

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Peace lilies are fairly easy to grow and look beautiful which makes them one of the most common house plants for everyone. You need to know everything about caring for a Peace Lily plant in your home. Peace Lilies are tropical and evergreen plants that need dappled sunlight and consistent moisture to thrive on the forest floor. 

To make your peace Lily happy and healthy replicate these conditions in your home. It produces white flowers in the early summer. They can bloom throughout the year in the right conditions and with proper care. Peace Lily can be grown outdoors in warm humid climates as they are not cold-hardy plants. 

Generally peace Lily grows up to 16 inches tall. The Peace Lily plant is mildly poisonous as all parts of this plant contain calcium oxalate. This substance can irritate the stomach and respiratory system if they are ingested so keep them out of the reach of pets and children.

Can we grow them in water?

Yes!! you can grow peace Lily in water also. They are available in the market in vases without any soil. Make sure the base of the plant should be suspended above the waterline with the help of small river stones. It will help the roots to grow into the water but keep the base of the plant and its leaves from being continuously wet which can cause root rot.

How to plant

This plant appreciates refreshed well-draining, all-purpose potting soil. Repot it annually in the spring season. Peace Lily may grow too large so reporting becomes necessary. Peace Lily grows from rhizomes so it can handle hard treatment during transplantation. Remove the plant carefully from its pot and split it into smaller plants. 

How to care

Peace Lily plant can tolerate missed watering sessions but don't neglect it for too long, otherwise, its leaves will start to brown. Keep the soil moist but don't overwater the plant. Tap water contains chemicals such as fluoride. Peace Lily is sensitive to the chemicals and may cause brown leaf tips so use room temperature filtered water.

To increase the humidity level of the plant mist its leaves regularly as it prefers a high humidity environment. Peace Lily is a tropical plant and prefers temperatures above 16 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep it away from cold and drafty windows. Fertilize them occasionally because they are not heavy feeders.

Use a balanced houseplant fertilizer to encourage growth in spring and summer. Provide them bright well-lit areas but avoid the exposure of direct afternoon sunlight East facing window is ideal for peace lilies.

How can I help peace Lily to flower?

No flowers are the sign that your Peace Lily is not getting enough light. To promote flowering keep the plant to a brighter location where it can receive bright indirect light. Lack of flowers, weak-looking flowers, and green flowers indicate improper fertilizing.

Fertilizers contain higher amounts of phosphorus which is essential for blooming. If your peace lily lacks flowers and produces weak-looking flowers then switch to a fertilizer specially made for flowering plants. Cut back on fertilizing if your Peace Lily is producing green flowers.

How to cure disease or paste problem pest problem

Mealybugs can reside on the plant easily. Wipe down the leaves with soapy water. Repeat the process until it is necessary. Underwatering and overwatering may cause yellow leaves so be careful about watering the Peace Lily plant.

Low humidity, lack of water, over-fertilization, and excessive light can cause brown leaf tips. To increase the humidity level, mist the leaves occasionally. 

Some facts about peace Lily

Peace Lily is not related to true lilies despite the common name peace Lily. The Peace Lily plant has got its name from its white flowers, its white flowers resemble the white flag of peace and rise timidly above its green foliage. 

The flowers of peace Lily consists of the spathe and spadix. Therefore it is also known as the Spathiphyllum plant which means spathy leaf. You can order online popular varieties of peace Lily from this link which are not commonly found in most garden centers.

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