Oxycardium Plant: A Useful Houseplant That Will Brighten Up Your Room

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The Oxycardium plant is an evergreen house plant. Green and glossy foliage make it look stunning. This classic climber is suitable for first-time gardeners and instantly brightens up your living space. Plants growing in containers need more fertilizer because you flush the nutrients out of the soil every time you water the plant.

Oxycardium golden plants need bright indirect light, although they can grow in full shade indoors while they need partial sunlight outdoors. Direct sunlight can harm the plant. A South or West facing window is suitable for your philodendron plant indoors. 

It will protect it from direct sunlight. Balconies are also a good option for philodendrons to provide the right amount of light to thrive. Oxycardium plants add texture and life to your living space and make your living room feel more colourful and tropical. 

Philodendron is perfect for decoration with its large, heart-shaped and leathery leaves. Let it climb on top of shelves, hanging planters and the walls with the help of trellis. 

OXYCARDIUM PLANT need a well-balanced fertilizer twice a month in the growing season of Summer. Use rich compost mix potting soil while repotting the plant. 

When the roots start growing out of the current pot, then it needs repotting. Choose a pot a few inches larger than the older ones while repotting. Take a combination of half soil-based potting mixture and half leaf mould. 

You can report the plant at any time of year except during the short rest period. 

It is easy to propagate by stem cutting or air layering. You can grow it in soil and water as well.

Solution of common problems

  • If your Oxycardium plant’s leaves turn yellow and start dropping, it indicates overwatering. So water your plant less frequently to solve this problem. 
  • The curling leaves are a sign of under-watering which will drown the roots.
  • The leaves of the Oxycardium plant will start to turn brown due to underwatering so when you see these signs, then start watering it more frequently.
  • The Oxycardium plant is native to Central America and the Caribbean. This plant is found in humid tropical forests, Rock outcrops, roadsides and on river banks. You can easily see them climbing over other plants or the trunks of trees.
  • It has heart-shaped, glossy leaves with acutely pointed tips. The new leaves look slightly brown and transparent, but after maturing, they look deep green. Plants also produce flowers after maturity.
  • Oxycardium plant is one of the popular houseplants that are easy to grow and thrive in a wide range of conditions.
  • To make the philodendron plant bushy, regular pinching is advisable. Otherwise, its stems grow too long and give the plant a skimpy look. Pinch close to the node with sharp scissors; otherwise, any left bare stem will die.
  • Moist the potting mixture thoroughly during the active growth period. Allow the top centimetre of soil to dry out between waterings. Mist the plant occasionally to increase the humidity level. Use filter water for watering because minerals present in tap water buildup on The leaves.
  • Oxycardium plants will tolerate low light for a long period, but they will thrive better in bright indirect light.
  • Normal to warm Indoor temperature, 24 to 27 degrees Celsius, is good to grow an Oxycardium plant. This plant cannot thrive in temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius.

Oxycardium is an excellent house plant.

Oxycardium is a popular INDOOR PLANTS because it adapts to various lighting and water conditions and can thrive indoors well. The large green, dark leaves of this plant absorb even the tiniest traces of light and water. Sometimes its leaves turn yellow because of overwatering. 

If you want to make your interior space pop, then the philodendron is a good choice. They can be cut back for the desired look and are available in red, green and other bright colours. Oxycardium plants grow up walls and alone windows. They prefer warmer climates, so make sure the Indoor area should be warm. It will help them to thrive even during the winter.

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