How to Be a Responsible Driver Post Your Driving Lessons

by James Spencer Blogger
After you finish graduating from your driving school it fills you up with confidence to cruise off into the sunset without fear. But you can't become a competent driver just by these lessons.
These lessons do make you aware of all the key car specifications and how to use them in different situations. With that; you also need to adopt some habits post your driving school to stay safe on the freeway.
post driving
i. Keep Your Smartphone/Tab Away When Driving
Believe it or not - mobile phones contribute to over 80-85% of on-road accidents each year. That's why whenever you head out; look to keep your smartphone in the back seat.
As per respected driving school instructors serving in Mulgrave,
"Most accidents happen in the blink of an eye. So, when you hear your smartphone buzz, resists the urge to answer it.
One good way to avoid the temptation is putting your phone away in the glove-box or somewhere else where you cannot reach it till you have reached your intended location."
ii. Don't Drive When You Are Intoxicated
If you're the designated driver for a Saturday's night out, then you are the hero of your group. Some would believe that it means missing out on all the fun. But, considering the bigger picture; it is more important to drive all your friends home safe and sound.
When you drive under the influence of alcohol; your senses deteriorate along with your eye-sight. And since keeping your eyes on the road is an essential aspect of safe driving, the risk factor increases and you become more prone to dangerous collisions.
iii. Opt for an Insurance Deal
In the earlier days, when you did not own a driving license; you were probably using your guardian's car (covered under their insurance scheme). But after you learn the art of driving under any given condition and are a P-plater; you should procure your insurance deal.
For advice or word of mouth; you can consult with your parents to source out quality insurance deals to keep you safe on the highway in the event of any happenstance.
iv. Be in Control of Your Speed
Another important aspect that you need to keep in mind is being in control of your driving speed. Different highways consist of varied speed-limits and what you need to follow.
"Over-speeding is another chief factor which has resulted in countless serious road accidents and collisions.
When you drive at a fair rate; you get less time to react to the potential road-side hazard, and that increases your chances of collisions or risks you spinning out of control."
v. Inspect Your Car Condition Before You Hit the Brakes
Last but not the least; make it a point to inspect your car condition prior to starting the engine and rolling out. You should properly check the condition of the engine, the transmission, fuel, tyre pressure and all other electrical components which are prone to malfunctioning.
These are some tips which you should follow after completing your driving lessons. They are your best bet to staying safe in whatever conditions you drive in.

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