How to Teach Your Teen to Become a Responsible Driver

by Rayanne M. Writer

Becoming a licensed driver is a rite of passage for most teenagers. With this privilege comes a whole new world of independence and responsibility. As a parent, it is your job to teach your teen what it means to be a responsible driver. Here are five ways that you can prepare your teen to take to the road with safety in mind.

Teach Basic Vehicle Maintenance

With the responsibility of driving comes the responsibility of knowing how to care for a vehicle. You can empower your child to care for their own vehicle by teaching them how to do so. It is well worth your time to take a few hours to teach the new driver some basic vehicle maintenance. Items to teach include how to check the air pressure in the tires, how to jumpstart a vehicle, how to change a flat tire, and how to check fluids such as oil and windshield wiper fluids. Signing up your teen for an automobile assistance club will give you both peace of mind as they hit the road.

Leave it to the Experts

Many parents find that they are not the best driving teachers, especially when it comes to instructing their own children. Leaving this job to the experts will take the stress off of both you and your teen. While most high schools used to offer driver education services, this is being phased out in many districts. Fortunately, most regions offer a variety of private driver education classes, making it easy for you to delegate this job to the professionals. A professional service will understand how to make teaching relevant to teens. It will also take the emotion out of the experience so that your child is able to learn how to drive without the added pressure from their parents. It is important to check your specific state regulations. Some states require that a student take a class prior to being eligible to apply for a driver's license.

Choose the Right Vehicle

Choosing the right vehicle for your teen is paramount to the success of their early driving experiences. This is not the time to choose an overly flashy vehicle. Instead, you want to choose a car that is practical and safe. Big and heavy vehicles will clearly provide the most protection in the event of a collision. However, they can also be more difficult to maneuver. Choosing a mid-size vehicle will deliver the best of both worlds. You should also add as many active safety features as you can afford. An essential feature to include on your teen's vehicle is a rearview camera. If your vehicle does not already have one, it is possible to install this safety feature aftermarket. Making the vehicle purchasing process a learning experience for your child will provide a good life lesson for them.

Know Your Options

Do not wait until a mishap on the road to educate yourself about the legal options available to you. Understanding how your vehicle insurance works is the first step in becoming an informed driver. Be sure to explain to your teen what they need to do should they get in an accident. You do not want them to be stuck in this stressful situation without knowing what to do. Knowing how to contact a car accident lawyer in Maryland or your particular locale may also be useful should you find yourself in need of quality legal representation.

Draw Up a Contract

Savvy parents swear by the idea of drawing up a driving contract for their teen driver. This type of agreement should outline the house rules of using a vehicle. Be sure to make it clear that using a phone while driving is never permitted. Within the contract, there should be formal consequences laid out for violating any of the rules. For example, if your child gets a speeding ticket, they need to know exactly what the consequences will be. Laying out these expectations in a clear way will help you to avoid conflict down the road. It will also help your teen realize the importance of their new privilege that should be taken seriously.

This is undoubtedly an exciting time for your teen and your entire family. Following these five tips will ensure that your new driver is ready to take to the road with ultimate confidence.

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