How to Attract Customers with your Corporate Website?

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Attract Customers with your Corporate Website Do you know how to capture customers through your website? Or are you one of those who still think that a corporate website is nothing more than an online catalog of your products and services? 

 Your website is the epicenter of the digital part of your business. Do not think of it exclusively as that place to display your products or services. In this article, I will tell you how to use it to attract and attract customers correctly.

Your corporate website is a very powerful tool that can provide you with several functions. Some of the most important are:
  • The place to tell your story. Take the opportunity to tell who you are, why you dedicate yourself to your business, how the idea came about, what inspires you ... Don't just talk about your products or services. It is the most basic information that a user expects to find on your website. Tell your story, humanize your business and build trust.
  • Point of contact. Your corporate website is one more communication channel. I do not stop meeting companies that do not offer contact information or a minimum form through which to raise any question. Make it easy for the user. It offers different points of contact to favor communication.
  • Offer information of interest. Give relevant content to your potential clients. This helps you improve your SEO, position yourself as an expert in the sector, increase your brand image and above all, connect with your users and build trust. Without trust, there is no sale.
  • Capture potential customers. As I will explain throughout this article, your corporate website is the fundamental element in your digital marketing strategy to attract customers for your business. Do you want to know how? Well, let's go to it.

How to attract customers to your Corporate Website?

Let's start by the beginning. Before capturing a client through your corporate website, the first thing is to reach it.

Therefore, you must be clear that your online customer acquisition strategy has two fundamental steps: customer attraction and customer acquisition.

These two steps are only the first of an inbound marketing strategy.

Let us, therefore, focus on the first point of this strategy: customer attraction.

Sorry to tell you that attracting customers to your corporate website is not a simple task. It requires work, perseverance, testing, making mistakes, reacting quickly, retesting, getting it right, repeating ... What you can make clear from the previous enumeration is that analytics is fundamental.

How to Attract Customers through your Corporate Website?

In the previous section, I tried to bring together the main ways you have to attract traffic to your website. Those starting points that have attracted the attention of your potential client, land on the different pages or sections of your website. The moment of truth when it comes to attracting customers is near.

The first thing is to be clear that our goal is to get the contact information of each user who lands on our website. This is called a lead . In this way, we can continue developing contact actions to strengthen the relationship, increase trust and encourage us to be your first choice in your purchase decision.

I will focus on those elements that are specifically oriented to the objective of attracting customers but do not put aside certain concepts such as the design of the landing page, the content that is in it, the objective of each page ... Can you imagine the disaster that Would it mean that all the effort made to attract customers to your website was going to the badge because of the bad optimization of the landing page?

Think of this whole process as a chain. If any of the links fail, all the work falls apart. That's why measuring is so important. And if you don't see it, I'll tell you in the last part of this article.

Optimized landings

Landing pages are specific pages, specially created with the objective of capturing leads. They usually offer a specific offer that seeks to meet the need for which the user was looking for information on the internet, found your content, caught his attention, decided to click and ended up reaching that landing.

These pages should be studied to the smallest detail and optimized to finally convince the user who has reached them, that your product or service will solve their problem and therefore has an interest in maintaining contact with you.

The minimum structure that should have a good landing page is a hooked headline, an attractive image that connects with the user, the benefits of the well-defined offer, a form to capture the data, a call to action and a final section To summarize all of the above, to give a second chance to those undecided who need more information.

Create lead capture forms

Forms are fundamental tools when it comes to capturing leads. Throughout your website, you must enter different types of forms aimed at getting the contact of your potential client.
Let's see some types of forms that you can work with.

Why measuring customer attraction and attraction actions is so important?

Very easy. Because if you don't measure, you won't know how you are doing things. What is not measured does not exist. And if you don't measure, you don't control. And if you don't control, you don't know what works and what doesn't, and you start making decisions to eliminate actions without knowing if what you're doing benefits or harms you.

When it comes to attracting customers to your corporate website, you will be interested in controlling, among others: through which channel do you get more traffic? What types of content attract more users? Which ads work best? Email marketing has been more open and have brought more traffic? etc.

And at the same time, we need to control the operation of our specific landing pages and forms, with questions such as: How many leads have I achieved? How many have I lost ? which form converts more? Are the leads achieved with the form that contains the lead magnet or is lost?

Do you want to attract customers to your corporate website? Then, this article contains some excellent tips which can help you to grab the attention of customers to your website. Coracc Technologies offers website development services. The website build by them are highly attractive and captivate customer attention. 

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