How smoking cigarettes affects the human body

by Jack S. Packaging Consultant iCustomBoxes

How smoking cigarettes affects the human body

It does not mean how much you smoke; a single cigarette can be injurious for your health. Along with this, you can notice that these cigarettes contain nicotine as well as tobacco that is a good source to feel relaxed but is destroy your health. Other than this these cigarettes contact various harmful substances that can disturb your body cycle in some time. It builds up various complications in your body with time. Smoking can increase various risks in your body that can be with you for years. The Cigarette Boxes consist of all the precautions and all the information to educate the people but still, the smoking rate is high.

In the US almost 10 times more people die due to smoking as compared to during wars. A single cigarette consists of almost 600 ingredients,7000 chemicals, and those 69 are toxic for your health. In the US almost 14 percent of the total population are regular smokers and most of them are adults. Smoking can not only affect smokers but its smoke also affects the people close to them. They receive or inhale the same number of substances from smoke. Following are some of the effects that are caused by cigarettes in the different parts of the body.

Effects on the central nervous system:

One of the ingredients that cigarette contains tobacco that have a high ratio of nicotine in it. Nicotine is an energy booster for some time. But after some time, it makes you feel tired and make you crave more smoking. Other than this it makes you habitual of it that’s why it is so difficult to get rid of smoking Blank Cigarette Boxes. Along with this, it can make you feel anxiety, depression, and stress.

Other than this it can cause you sleepy, dizziness, and swear headache. Because of which you lose your temper due to which affects your social circle. People avoid getting in contact with you. Along with this, it will take you far away from your loved ones. Other than this the society will hardly accept you. Moreover, there are various drawbacks in your professional life also. Smoking can cause people to avoid working with you because it led to a bad impression on the customers.

Effects on the respiratory system

When you are inhaling smoke, it can damage or distract your lungs. It can cause various respiratory disorders. These disorders can cause infections, can destroy air sacs in the lungs, inflammation lining around the breathing tube of the lungs. Moreover, it can also cause lung cancer. The children who have smokers around them commonly have sneezing, coughing, and asthma attacks. Along with this, it can also cause bronchitis and pneumonia.

Effects on the cardiovascular system

Smoking Paper Cigarette Boxes can affect your cardiovascular system. It can tighten your blood vessels. That causes a barrier in the blood flow. It also causes the blood pressure to increase and more chances of heart attacks occur in them. Along with this, these can cause blood clotting in your blood vessels.

 Smoking not only affects the cardiovascular system of smokers but also affects the non-smokers around them. It damages the same ratio of the cardiovascular system as in smokers. Other than this if you had a heart bypass or a stunt then smoking can be more injurious for your health. It can increase the ratio of heart attacks and can be the major cause of your death.

Effects on integumentary system

The changes in the integumentary system are the basic and most prominent sign of a smoker. Smoking can damage your skin and can be the basic cause of skin cancer. Due to smoking, basic skin changes take place such as skin color as well skin freshness. Along with this it also increases the dark circles around the eyes. Due to smoking, your skin color turns to pale yellow. Other than this your nails also damage and cause nail fungal infection. 

Other than this it also causes you to change the color of your nails into blue or black. Moreover, smoking is the biggest reason for hair fall. Other than this it also makes your hair dry and rough. It causes hair loss, blading, and hair whitening. It damages your original hair color.

Due to smoking, you can also have a bad effect on your eyesight or can cause the pale color of your eyes. Other than this it can also affect your teeth. It causes the loss of teeth or the pale yellow color of the teeth. Smoking causes a bad mouth smell that does not give a good impact on the next person. The changes in the integumentary system can cause a bad impact on your personality.

Effects on the digestive system

Smoking infects your digestive system and that is the most common effect of smoking. It can cause mouth, throat, larynx, and esophagus cancer. There is a high ratio of mouth cancer in the world due to smoking. Other than this it does not help you to digest your food properly. Moreover, some people are not able to digest their food if they do not smoke.

 That builds a bad habit and makes it difficult to leave smoking. Other than this smoking is also really dangerous for diabetic patients and due to which the insulin also does not affect the diabetic patients. That tends to give more and faster effects on diabetic smokers as compared to others.

Effects on the sexual and reproductive system 

Smoking can cause infertility issues for a long time in both men and women. It decreases the rate of sexual desire in both men and women. Along with this smoking can also affect the blood flow to genital areas of the human body. Moreover, smoking during pregnancy can cause serious effects.

It can cause miscarriage, death of the newborn or it can cause different diseases in the baby. Moreover, it can cause a major risk of oxygen deprivation, growth issues, physical abnormalities, and sudden death. Other than this smoking during pregnancy can cause asthma, ear infection and can also cause infertility for the next time.

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