How Safe is Prenatal Ultrasound? How to Prepare for the Ultrasound Visit?

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A pre-natal ultrasound or sonogram or abdominal ultrasound or level I ultrasound is conducted to check for the presence of fetus, or if you have more than one fetus, or to determine the age of the fetus, as well as for many other reasons. Here, we are discussing about pre-natal ultrasound and how you should prepare for that.

Are you in start of your pregnancy period? Well, during this time, discussion with your gynaecologist on a regular base, medical check-ups and all becomes important to undertake on time and proficiently.

Out of all the medical procedures, prenatal ultrasound is a highly-significant process that is used to see and check for different things related with the fetus, health of mother and child, and all the related things associated with pregnancy so as to make better decisions afterward.

What is a Prenatal Ultrasound?

When you want to visit your gynae for ultrasound in New Jersey, or wherever you live, knowing the basic things will help you prepare well for the visit.

A prenatal ultrasound is conducted using high-frequency sound waves, which a transducer transmits through the abdomen. These sound waves are inaudible to the human ear. The resulting echoes are recorded and converted into images and videos of the baby. This process is also used to check for images pertaining to ovaries, placenta and amniotic sac, all of which helps to look for and determine if there are any birth defects or anatomical abnormalities.

How Safe is the Prenatal Ultrasound?

As a first time expecting woman or mom-to-be, you might be concerned or worried about the abdomen related prenatal ultrasound. While any medical procedure may have risk factor, but prenatal, of all the medical process, causes no risk or harm to the mother or unborn child when done properly and using the right technique and equipment.

The prenatal ultrasound has to be done by a professional and skilled sonographer. Prenatal ultrasound is conducted without using any radiation like an X-ray procedure or so.

When During Pregnancy You Will Have to Go for an Ultrasound?

An ultrasound can be conducted more than once depending on different factors which your gynecologist will decide upon.

An ultrasound done during the early pregnancy stage is for:

Determining the presence of more than one fetus

Determining the fetus age, or due date

Ultrasound done later is for:

Determining location of placenta

Determining baby’s position and health

Determining amniotic fluid that builds up around the baby

Determining baby’s expected weight

Usually the ultrasound is done by 20-week period into the pregnancy, and is conducted to determine all the factors related to baby’s and mother’s health and be able to take informed decisions for the pregnancy period afterward.

How to Prepare for Ultrasound?

There are various things that the expecting woman must be aware of to prepare for the prenatal ultrasound, which the gynecologist also provides full consultation about:

It is important that your bladder is full before the exam. So, one prior to the ultrasound appointment, you will be advised to drink about 4-6 glasses of fluids (water, milk, juice).

A two-piece outfit is usually recommended by the doctors so that ultrasound can be done easily without you having to remove the clothing.

There is no restriction in eating, and you can eat normally before the appointment.

You can take all medications as usually, unless told otherwise by the doctor.

Now, usually all expecting mothers receive an image as a memento. They could also be provided with a video, so you should consult with your doctor regarding this, and for this you may be advised to bring your blank DVD or videotape.


For your prenatal ultrasound in New Jersey, or wherever you are visiting for sonogram, you need to keep calm and stay in regular communication with your gynecologist.

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