How Modern Technology can change Indian Agricultural Industry Scenario?

by Pranav Shankar SEO

India has progressed on a massive scale in the past decade and is one of the fastest growing countries all around the globe. With evolving technology and rapidly changing time, the Agriculture Industry is progressing in India as well.

We all know that Agriculture is one of the important sectors in the Indian Economy contributing about 17% to the total GDP and providing employment to about 60% of the total population. (Source: International Journal of Agriculture and Food Science Technology)

How Modern Technology benefits the Agriculture Industry?

Using Modern technology in Agriculture certainly benefits the farmers as it will help them to increase the production on a greater scale. In other countries, farmers have started using advanced ways of harvesting their crops, like using drones for spraying pesticides, insecticides and using big spraying machines for watering.

The use of technologically-engineered seeds instead of low-quality seeds have helped the farmers to boost their crop production. Nowadays, various kinds of seeds are available which can sustain the drought condition, that is a big relief for farmers. 

Current Status of Modern Technology Utilization in Indian Agricultural Sector

Agriculture practice in India is still quite outdated as compared to the developed countries. They have adapted the use of modern technology and implemented it in their farming which helped them to boost the productivity on a larger scale.

In India, the use of modern technology in Agriculture is very limited. One of the main reasons is the lack of knowledge and resources among the farmers. All the farmers in India can't afford the latest machinery because they do not have enough capital to invest which restrict them from acquiring the modern agricultural machines.

Changes Required in the Indian Agriculture Industry

With the help of the above factors, we can say that Indian Agriculture Industry needs to modernize and requires a lot of changes.  So that, the farmers in our country can produce high-quality products in a greater quantity as well.

There are many advanced machines available in India which help farmers in producing more volume of crops even in limited resources; one of them is Rotavator.

What is a Rotavator?

A Rotavator is a powerful machine which is used for breaking up the soil prior to planting seeds. It has big blades which dig in the soil for making the soil adaptable for planting seeds and growing crops.

How Rotavators have changed the process of Soil-Turning?

Earlier in India, Soil Turning was a hectic process for Farmers because farmers had to use an Ox and put a plough behind it to drag it all across the field in order to turn the soil. But now with the help of Rotavators, the whole process has become lot easier and less time consuming for farmers. The reason is, you can easily fit a Rotavator behind a tractor and use it for Soil Turning which is a lot easier and faster process.

Advantages of Rotavator

Rotavator performs the process of soil turning and helps in saving a lot of labor work. It makes the soil prepared for planting seeds in it. By turning soil, all the necessary nutrients are provided to the crops, the better the soil the better the crops grow.

The main component in the machine is the Rotavator rotter. It is the main component on which the blades are fitted using the Rotavator Flange. The Rotavator Flange is the metal plate on which the blades are screwed.

Rotavator Flange

Availability of Rotavators & Other Agricultural Machines in India

Although Rotavators are manufactured all over India but a high concentration of Rotavators and other Agricultural Machines are manufactured in Ludhiana (Punjab). Because of that, Ludhiana is considered the hub of agricultural machinery in India. Like other Agricultural Machines, a major variety of Rotavators are manufactured here in Ludhiana as well.

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