CNC Turning and uses of CNC Turned Components

by Pranav Shankar SEO

CNC Turning/ Machining is a manufacturing process that involves the use of computers to control machine tools. CNC stands for computer numerical control.

CNC Turning is a highly skilled and intricate method of creating custom parts using a lathe. Now using modern technology and skilled operators, a component can now be created with high precision, it also allows a user to make patterns and add details to metal that are manually impossible.

Components on which CNC turning is done is either manufactured using titanium, alloy steel, brass or other metals which forms the inner base on which the operations need to be performed.

In CNC Turning, machines functions through numerical control, machines are programmed with CNC machine language that essentially controls all the features like feed rate, coordination, location and speed of the machines.

Advantages of CNC Turned Components Machines

·      Less Wastage of Raw Material

One of the major advantages of CNC turned components is that the manufacturers can make use of the entire raw material without wasting it during the manufacturing process. This is because of the CNC machines that are very precise in the productions, which prevents the wastage of the raw material, which eventually increases the profitability of the company.

·      Increase in Production Speed

CNC turned component manufacturer take advantage of the steps involved in manufacturing CNC Turned Components gets reduced drastically; as a result, these manufacturers can produce numerous items or parts in a short span of time which will help in increasing the efficiency of the company.

·        Much Safer

It is also considered one of the safest procedure because during the whole process of manufacturing of CNC turned components the operators do not have to be present because the operator can put the command in the machine and maintain a safer distance from the machines throughout the process.

·      Efficient In Production

CNC Turning is considered much more efficient for CNC Turned components as compared to other manufacturing processes because all the CNC Turning Machines have inbuilt quality assurance protection measures fitted in them which automatically fixes any issues or shuts down the entire machine whenever the protection measures detect a problem.  

·      Savings in Cost of Production

It is seen that a manufacturing machine cost is generally huge in a company’s budget. But CNC machines have such longevity and they work on a computer program, because of which minimum repair work is required during the production process the cost of repair on CNC Machines is much lesser than other manufacturing machines.

·      Highly Accurate

CNC Turned components are known for their fine finish, the process of CNC turning is very accurate and the final product won’t be distorted because of excess heat while cutting the metals. This also leaves fine edges to the final product without any damage. These machines are able to produce thousands of design patterns which are identical every time.

Use of CNC Turned Components

These components are used in aerospace industry, gas and oil industry etc some of these parts are textile machine parts, engine parts, automotive parts, bolts, nuts, oil drilling, stainless steel fittings, Tapered threads, friction discs, pipe fittings, nozzles and many more. Tapping Machine manufacturers also supply CNC turned components.

J.B Engineering Works is one of the most respected manufacturing companies in Delhi. They are in this business since 1967 and are still going strong. They specialize in manufacturing Tapping Machines, Threading Machine, CNC Turned Components, CNC job works etc. 

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