How is blogging beneficial for your small business:

by Manoj Singh rathore Digital Marketing Head and Founder

HOW IS BLOGGING BENEFICIAL FOR YOUR SMALL BUSINESS: Blog word is derived from word ‘weblog’ which means maintain the website with content and information. Blog can be considered as personal dairy or journal which you maintain to express and share your thoughts, similar is blogging through which you share your thoughts, ideas with the whole world online. It is your personal website on which you regularly post the quality content so that users can read your content. Blogging can be of any kind like- personal, for business and for marketing. Through blogging you make people aware about specific information which you want to share with the users. Nowadays, blogging is quite helpful in marketing for businesses. It help businesses to market their products online and make them popular easily. It is such a platform where size of your business doesn’t matter. You can advertise your product on parallel lines with your competitors irrespective of size of your business.


So, here are key benefits of blogging for your small business:

DIRECTS TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE: Blogging is sharing some kind of information with your readers. Your blog gives you the chance to make significant relationship with your customers and readers. Utilize this as an advertising strategy to drive organic traffic to your website. A blog is very convenient, simple to-utilize stage for associating with and imparting convenient and important information to users. It’s your direct link for channeling to your own website. This implies that sharing all the new and updated content with your targeted audience by means of your blog, the more active and efficient strategy will help you to achieve the desired outcomes. This will, thus, enhances your organic traffic without spending much money. More the traffic to your website, more people will become aware about your products; there will be more leads and conversions. To drive more traffic to your website you need to have knowledge regarding digital marketing for which you need to search the best digital marketing training institute in Delhi.

STATISTICAL SURVEYING: When you write content on your blog you want to target specific audience to attract them to your website. If the content you posted is relevant to your niche and is well written, then you can easily grab the audience. The audience will read  your blog and content and will also give you the required feedback. That feedback will help you to understand your Audience in a better way and bring changes if required according to their demands. With the help of Google tools you can get to know how many people are visiting your website, which content is most visited and popular, in this way you can work more specifically. When you get to know their taste and preferences, you can continue to work towards that. Getting feedback and make audience engaged will help to build up a positive image in the mind of the customers.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO): Search engine optimization is to enhance the visibility of your website on the search engines, that is if people try search your website and your SEO is very strong and up to the mark then your website will be on top in search engines. Relevant and updated content is the best way to rank your website. There are several other tools for SEO, which can be used to boost your website in search engines. For content you should search for best keywords and use them in your content. Blogging can only be beneficial if the content is really good, keywords are properly used and you updated the content regularly. Keywords and topics should be properly linked so that search engines can easily connect your website with the searched words. It will increase your visibility on search engine results pages (SERP). Search engines are best way to drive traffic to your website.

LONG TERM RESULTS: Whenever you post some information in your it will appear for long time until and unless you delete it. More popular the post more beneficial it will be for your business as it will attract more and more readers. Your blog and your post both rank in the search engines. That implies for a considerable length of time, weeks, months, and years to come, you can keep on getting customers and leads from that blog entry. So while it might feel like the very first moment or nothing, reality, blogging acts more like this. It will be really beneficial for your business and will enhance your reputation and image.

CREATE RELATIONSHIPS WITH EXISTING CUSTOMERS: Blogging helps to connect with your readers and customers. This can be achieved by interacting with your readers by asking those questions and allowing comments and feedback. By reviewing and responding to reader’s comments, you are actually engaging with them and came to know about their tastes and preferences. It will also help you to gain their interest and build confidence making them your loyal customers. Blogging helps you to have deep and connected relation with your audience. You can easily update any required information in your blog and it will be visible to your customers and make them aware about changes or anything new.

ESTABLISH YOU AS A BRAND IN INDUSTRY: Blogging helps you create your brand name through social media. It helps you to get potential audience and loyal customers who will trust you and your brand. It helps you to create a trustworthy relation with your audience through interacting with them and also build a trust in their minds about your brand. It will help to boost your business and reputation. By providing them with quality information and relevant content in your blog you will create a good image of well-informed, updated and professional source of information. It will be really beneficial for your business. As you build up the confidence and your brand name, your brand name will come to their mind whenever they are ready to buy. This is really important for small businesses to gain trust and confidence of their customers to compete with the larger companies in the industry.

GREAT PLATFORM TO SHARE INFORMATION: Blogging is to share information with your potential readers. You can update any information which you want to share with your audience. Anything you put in your blog is visible to everyone, your readers either they link it, tweet it, or share with others is doing free marketing for your products. When you allow your readers to comment and provide feedback, it can be read by anyone. If feedback’s and comments are really good then it will automatically boost up your business. You can also ask them for their emails and form out a list to send them emails; it will lead to conversions for your business.


Clearly, blogging is very beneficial for your business as it helps to share information with your audience, get their feedback, know about their tastes and preferences, get good traffic and lead generations, get conversions, build your brand name and get loyal customers for your products. Blogging requires minimal efforts and cost but provide you with long term benefits. It provides benefits to businesses irrespective of their business size, so that all can compete with each other at parallel level.

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