How Has BI Affected B2B Sales and What to Expect in 2020

by Bortnic Ecaterina Sales management

Comparing the modern sales process with that of the past, we can see that the basics remain the same. We're still talking about the classical 7-stage sales cycle: prospecting, contact initiation, prospect's needs identification, offer presentation, objections management and, finally, closing the sales. And of course, the steps mentioned above have to be accompanied with respect to the client, attention to his needs and the ability to offer the best solution. These things are common for both B2B and B2C sales. 

The modern sales process, though, has one fundamental difference, that gave sales an unprecedented boost and has become an integral part of the process. Now it's firmly bound with a high-tech phenomenon - BI (Business Intelligence). Let us unveil how has BI percolated B2B grounds.

1. The sales to the existing customers have increased

Every business person knows that it's much cheaper to retain an existing customer than to get a new one. Various studies showed that it may be up to 5 times more expensive to sell to a new customer rather than to an existing one. Respectively, all the costs can get perceptibly lower. Isn't it a direct profit increase for most businesses?

How does the ‘I’ in ‘BI’ help out? It provides accurate sales data tracking that enables your sales team to discover the demand trends and cross-sell opportunities. Moreover, these insights are reinforced with precisely targeted marketing campaigns, that contribute to the result. 

2. Customer service is continuously improving

As long as sales tracking and buying habits analysis is the new reality thanks to BI, businesses now have a complete picture of their B2B client's needs. Business intelligence providers, like Global Database, arm modern B2B sales teams with customer insights, such as the company's financial data, its position on the market, the key executives' background and other important details. 

Thus the sales reps are perfectly prepared for the meetings and can suggest the best cost-saving opportunities, meeting all the client's needs, and solutions, covering the client's main pain-points. Such a level of customer care means better service, which creates a strong relationship and earns loyalty. To mention, that according to a study by Accenture Interactive, 20% (!) of B2B buyers affirmed that they have switched their seller because of lack of integration between sales channels in 2019. The latter may have been considerably affected by an inefficient BI application or the lack thereof on the B2B sellers’ side. 

3. Each decision made is backed-up by data

Permanent access to fresh and accurate business information both about your business and that of the competitors is ........ you can read the entire article here:

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