How Field Force Management Software Boosts Productivity

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How Field Force Management Software Boosts Productivity

Do you know the similarity between field sales, customer service, journalism, and tour guidance? Even with technology taking over several operational jobs, these jobs can never be replaced by AI

Want to know why? Because they need human professionals in the field. 

So, what do businesses do when they have to manage human-centric field operations? 

For starters, they create a field operations team. After that, businesses need to invest in field force management software to ease operations and make them more profitable. 

How Field Force Management Software Increases Productivity 

Field force management software strives to save the company time and increase field productivity. Imagine - with fifteen minutes per day dedicated to attendance, your company loses ten hours a month per executive! 

FFM software saves every penny and makes each dime for your organization in the following ways:

  1. Higher Accountability Through Better Supervision 

Field force management software’s live tracking allows managers to be aware of executives’ whereabouts. With FFM’s attendance management, task management, and comprehensive reports, supervision becomes easier. 

Both executives and managers are aware of everything accessible for supervision. Therefore, executives are accountable to their managers for their movements, expenses, and task statuses. The higher the accountability, the higher the productivity. 

  1. Let Field Executives Play Only the Field 

For manual field force management, field executives need to visit the office every morning before they leave for their tasks. This unnecessarily wastes time, fuel and resources that could be rather invested in profitable activities. 

With field force management software, office-centric things such as attendance and task management are done on the cloud itself. Therefore, field executives become exclusively field operation experts and hardly ever have to come to the office. 

  1. Cures the Chaos Through Automation

Remote tasks, attendance, and productivity management make field force management tricky. Manually assigning urgent tasks while providing accurate executive ETAs to customers can be cumbersome. 

Through FFM software, managers can check which qualified executive is closest to the field. Managers can then assign tasks accordingly. Moreover, online productivity management and report generation obviates paperwork and organizes information in a simplified manner. 

  1. Integration For Easier Communication 

When the manager is sitting in the office and his team is on the field, communication becomes imperative. However, communication and working through different channels is confusing and leads to loss of information. 

Field force management software such as TrackoField integrates chat boxes within the app. Therefore, whatever doubts the executives might have about their tasks, they can be resolved on the app itself.

  1. Better Employee Data Evaluation 

Field force management software is a goldmine of information and data. With all the field executives’ location, task, effectiveness, performance, and attendance data, the software can produce exceptional reports. 

Managers do not have to create extensive performance reports manually since the software does that for them in no time. Moreover, these reports are so accurate that managers get a clear picture of how their team is performing. 

By knowing their teams’ strengths, weaknesses, and productivity, managers can conduct proper training and enhance growth. 

  1. Improved Customer Relations 

Customers often demand ETAs for door-to-door delivery and customer service. Therefore, TrackoField offers automated ETAs for each field executive. Speedy, reliable, and punctual services are appreciable and allow customers to trust the brand. After all, it is the field executive who represents the brand to customers! 

The Future is Technology-based Field Force Management 

Technology is taking over several aspects of human life. However, some aspects of business and operations necessarily need humans on the forefront with technology in the supportive role.

Organizations with bigger business models require technology-based field force management software such as TrackoField. Such software is sure to enhance field productivity and generate higher benefits for the organization.

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