How Does The Microwave Oven Help Cooking?

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Hosting a party? Cooking it for the first time? Whatever be the answer, a microwave oven is undeniably our best buddy when it comes to cooking food in less time. 

Most moms would agree with the fact that house parties, luncheons, kitty parties or any other small gatherings at home can be easily managed if you a perfect gadget. And what would be more ideal than a microwave oven? It is a magical device that can heat, cook, defrost, grill, bake food within a few minutes and you do not have to keep your eye on the cooking process. Get the best microwave oven, just place the food in a microwavable vessel, set the timer, and wohlaaaa! 

Many of you can relate yourself with the memories - when we used to watch our moms cooking up food in the microwave and we used to just watch it through its translucent door panel. Remember? After so many watching sessions, we realized that it was just so easy! All you need was to set the right timer and there you go! My personal favorite was ‘Macaroni and Cheese’ - that was super yummy and my mom taught me its full microwave recipe. 

Let me share it with you! 

Whether you are hanging out with a bunch of your friends or having midnight cravings, you can make Macaroni and Cheese if you have the best microwave oven in your home. 

How To Cook Macaroni And Cheese In A Microwave Oven?

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes 

Ingredients To Go:

Half cup elbow macaroni, 3 tablespoon milk, half cup water, salt for taste, pepper for taste, half cup shredded cheddar cheese (my favorite), fresh chive (for garnishing and optional). 


The first step is to mix the macaroni with water. Add some salt (according to the taste) in a microwavable mug. Set the timer for 2-3 minutes and then stir it. 

Now, add some milk, salt, cheese, and pepper, and again stir it. Set the timer for another 30 seconds, stir and sprinkle of chives for garnishing. Serve hot and with sweet tomato sauce. 

How To Cook Mug Omelet In A Microwave Oven?

I can eat omelet at breakfast, brunch, lunch, mid-evening, dinner! If you are too in love with omelet and don’t know how to cook it properly? Don’t worry, here is the solution. You can cook it in a microwave within just 3 minutes! Interesting? I used to believe and still I do - if I have the best microwave oven, I can conquer the world even if I am living alone! 

Preparation Time: 3 Minutes 

Ingredients To Go:

2 eggs, half bell pepper, 2 slices ham, one-forth fresh spinach, salt for the taste and pepper for the taste. 


Dice the bell pepper and ham. Mix all the ingredients in a microwavable mug. Cook it in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes. You have to make sure that eggs do not bubble over. Then, stir halfway through the entire process of the cooking. 

The Science Behind Microwave’s Process of Cooking Food

A microwave oven can cook food due to the water molecules present inside it absorb the microwave radiation. And end up heating the surrounding food. Microwave radiation can even heat up the skin and your other body part. That is why it is important that you should wear gloves while taking out the microwavable containers. 

The Bottom Line

If you crave some delicious recipes that are easier to cook in this amazing kitchen appliance, then you should own the best microwave oven. You can visit K2 Appliances to shop for the one, and get a special chance to win 10% cashback! Keep cooking and experiencing in your kitchen with this smart gadget. Eat Good! Live Good!

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