How can Charity Retailers Select the Right POS and Unified Software Solution?

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Making the move or upgrading to a new version of Retail POS System or ERP Software for eCommerce affects every area of a retailer’s company. It can be much worse for charity merchants, who must account to their patrons for their running expenses. They must be able to justify any additional investments made to meet the increasing administrative load they currently confront, even if it is one of their largest expense centers. 

But there is no longer a choice to do nothing. Charity merchants cannot afford to cling to antiquated procedures and outdated technology as they struggle to stay viable and deal with issues like multi-channel stock management, retaining supporters, and obtaining the largest gifts from frugal customers. The most discerning understand that the proper Retail POS Systems and Retail ERP software may relieve their pain. Several well-known charities, like Sue Ryder, Ten Thousand Villages, and the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), have made the switch. 

Ralph Larcombe, the manager of Sue Ryder’s EPOS systems in the United Kingdom, stated that the organization’s sole purpose in being there was to make money to fund its healthcare department and do good deeds. Therefore, getting value for their money was crucial to them when choosing a new IT system. 

Sue Ryder chose to upgrade to the most recent version of LS Retail Software Solution. Their trustees reviewed the business case to ensure that the initiative would produce the anticipated return on investment (ROI). The organization is now benefiting from automated replenishment, improved data administration, intelligent reporting, and a simplified till that requires less training for new volunteers in terms of saving money and time. 

How can ERP Software for eCommerce Manage Every Aspect of Your Charity Retail Store? 

You will eventually lose sight of which parts of your business are doing well and which aren’t if your data is stored in silos across many databases and your channels don’t connect. Because of this, charity retailers want ERP Software for eCommerce that gives them a clear picture of their data, complete control over their business, and real-time data on goods, sales, and customers for all of their physical and online stores. 

LS Retail Management Software is now used by the UK charity RHS to power several retail sites. The software is used by the corporation to handle its supply chain, sales orders, order fulfillment, and finance for its retail and sales operations. RHS is equipped with all the tools necessary to manage: 

  • Retail Activities throughout the garden centers.  
  • Finances, except charitable finances.  
  • Inventory, e-commerce sales, gifts, and books.  
  • Events.  
  • Data on products, customers, and sales. 

How Does it Help You Manage Volunteers and Employees? 

Charity shops by definition have a high worker turnover rate. The majority of retailers often use volunteers of various ages, who must be recruited, employed, instructed, and managed. Therefore, having cutting-edge Retail Point of Sale Systems that is simple to use, need little training, and can simply organize employee schedules is a priceless tool for your nonprofit organization. 

A straightforward and easy-to-use Point of Sale System was important to Sue Ryder when choosing a new retail system. 

EPOS Systems Manager Larcombe remarked, “Having a till that is straightforward, transparent, clean, and easy to use, is of enormous importance to us. After a brief 45-minute training session, the volunteers at the Sue Ryder stores—some of whom are seniors without any prior retail experience—can use the till with ease. Our volunteers may practice without actually doing transactions in the training mode on the LS Retail till, and they often pick it up pretty fast.” 

How Strong Business Analytics and Embedded Power BI can Provide Better Visibility? 

Do you fully comprehend what is occurring throughout your network of charity shops? Data analytics may be useful, especially for the price and assortment optimization, if you want to quickly identify the goods and places that are generating the most money and where you should take action. Although you may add these sophisticated features to your Retail Management System, it is more cost-effective to have them integrated into the ERP Software for eCommerce as opposed to using a separate software solution that you’ll need to operate, pay for, and keep up to date. 

Managers at Ten Thousand Villages now have far better visibility into what is happening thanks to clever ERP Software for eCommerce and a centralized source of data. They can act on opportunities and fix problems in real-time, even on the busiest retail days, thanks to a Power BI dashboard that pulls data straight from the Retail ERP. Hence improving sales performance. 

Today, a lot of charity retailers work with ERP Software for eCommerce such as LS Retail Software Solution. If you want to implement this solution, you can Contact Trident Information Systems. We are Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner and LS Central Diamond Partner. With a strong track of accomplishments of 22+ years, we have partnered with various renowned businesses across the world. 

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