How BullGuard Protects Smart Cities From Ransomware Attacks?

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The ransomware attack has become the most dangerous thing which people are experiencing nowadays. Getting rid of such attacks is only possible with BullGuard antivirus software. Smart cities are more vulnerable to such attacks because people are living their lives with a hectic and tight schedule and hence they want to keep other works short and simple. Due to this, they just accept Ransomware calls or messages, and further, they start.

Table Of Content:

  • What Ransomware actually is?
  • Multiple versions for Backup for prevention against Ransomware
  • Multi-factor verification on the company account
  • Updates apps and OS to stay secured
  • Install BullGuard Small Office Security

What Ransomware actually is?

Ransomware is one of the most deadly of all these threats and it infects a system that encrypts the personal and business files and asks for ransom. BullGuard protects smart cities from Ransomware attacks and there are 5 infection danger areas that include-

  • Email Attachments
  • Downloads like free software
  • Malicious links and websites
  • RDP attacks which exploit unsecured remote connections to the Windows system

Multiple versions for Backup for prevention against Ransomware

Backing the data up is a very essential task as it protects you from a wide and vast number of problems. Unfortunately, Ransomware creators can not only design to target the daily usage data but it also traps your backup data as well.

Prevent data loss, data backups should have enabled file versioning that creates multiple files versions

It can be set up on the basis of the server. Servers are really costly and they need an on-site staff to manage or for a service plan from the managed service provider. It also needs a serious internet and commonly an expensive connection plan

The reasonable option is to store the data in the cloud and if you don’t have the experience to set up a tough cloud backup solution with the reports, file versioning, scheduling, and better methods of encryption and there are various providers which come with cloud backup

Multi-factor verification on the company account

  • Most people have a tough time that remembers a lot of passwords and commonly uses the same passwords again and again so,
  • The good practice for using a password manager, you only have to remember a single master password, you all need to do is to access all passwords on all accounts
  • This measure doesn’t safeguard you if someone has obtained malicious username and password combination through a force attack or checks and exploits a vulnerability
  • As we discussed, the Multi-factor verification method and should be configured and it is as simple that one inexperienced user also can take
  • With Multi-factor Authentication, you can be assured that even if a username/password combination gets stolen then, it can’t be used to steal valuable data.

Updates apps and OS to stay secured

  • Updating OS and apps should be done as soon as it appears. Running a PC or any app on an old version is not a good idea at all. Sometimes it is not always possible with some apps. It should be considered a vulnerability that should be detected.
  • You can do it by taking the devices that cannot be upgraded onto the different virtual network or even being offline and then patch it back
  • Another approach is to consider virtual patching that will prevent an attack without patching the app

Install BullGuard Small Office Security

The practical and simple-to-manage security is very necessary and for that, it is suggested to Install BullGuard Small Office Security. If you have this small office security then, there is nothing to worry about as it will keep all of the end-user devices secured with award-winning security and is specifically designed for small businesses.

This simple to install BullGuard Small Office Security is easy to use too and all devices will be managed simultaneously and centrally through the cloud portal hence, you can update all of the devices simultaneously. It also locks down certain devices if they are stolen or lost and carries other functions as well.

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