Home Computer Repair: Hacks to Clean Up Your Computer's Disk

by Kevin Smith Author

Computers are efficient and fast machines that run programs to complete daily tasks assigned to them. And many people try to test their limits and amaze to what extent the technological marvel can perform. And there are complex mechanisms behind it, which need to be looked at and cared for from time to time. However, certain limitations make these machines to underperform due to accumulated junk on the device's disk. These constraints are not put by any virus or hardware defect, but by the user. Therefore, it should be you to put away those constraints and make your computer system better. So, here are some mobile computer repair hacks to clean your computer's disk space.

Clean Up the Recycle Bin, Downloads, and Desktop: Most of the chunk that covers your disk space lies in front of you all the time. The unnecessary copies of files on your desktop are one of them. The Downloads folder also put very much of strain on the computer's disk drive. You download something and then forget to shift it to another disk or delete it every other time. And about deleting files, the recycle bin of your system also deprives your computer of efficiency. If you delete something, make sure to delete it from the recycle bin as well or just press shift+delete.

Delete Temporary Files Regularly: Temporary files include files that accumulate in the folders of temp, prefetch, etc. on your computer. Thumbnails can be added to these categories as well. These unwanted temporary items cover up the disk space and make your computer slow. These folders need to be cleaned thoroughly every day to keep your system as fast as a new one.

Remove Unnecessary Apps and Games: All of us have this lazy habit of keeping a few apps and games in the computer system, even if we don't use them anymore. This unnecessary software draws large chunks of your disk space, causing your system to work slower than ever. However, if you don't want to remove these items, then simply move their directories and source file to the external disk space.

Compress some heavy documents or image files: If there is no junk items or files on your computer system at all that needs to be deleted, then try compressing some image files in your disk drive. The high-resolution images and some heavy documents take up a lot of space on your disk space. Compressing them will not reduce their quality, but eventually, solve the problem of less disk space a bit.

Back-Up your Files with Cloud Storage: This is the last resort to your problem of having less disk space. A cloud storage service acts as an online storage tool to send valuable or heavy files over the internet securely with ease. Backing up your files on a cloud storage system will eventually solve your problem of low disk space as you can delete some files on your system without any worry. It can also help in retrieving the significant files in the event of a hard drive crash.

These were some hacks to clean up your disk space for an efficient and fast computer system. However, if you still face problems, go with the best home computer repair service in your area.

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