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You can repair and fix your hard drive from within windows. Here, we are going to use the check disk command using a physical surface scan to determine several things. We're going to determine if there is a problem with the file system which is the system upon which all files are stored on the hard drive and we are going to determine if there is a problem with the surface of the hard disk in the form of bad sectors. Bad sectors are in fact portions of the hard drive that has become no longer usable due to prolonged use being banged around if the computer has been banged around or from even electromagnetic interference or simply from age or too many rotations.


Step by step methods on how to fix hard disk repairs:


So we're going to do here

1)         let's go to start we go to the Start menu then we go to CMD now before we execute the command console which is what this is we don't want to run it just straight away so do not left-click go to right-click and go to the administrator. You absolutely must run the software as an administrator because if you do not you will not be able to execute the check this command type in “chkdsk /f /r” and press Enter. What’s telling you that it can't do it because it's in use obviously when Windows is on I can't do this type of thing so we say yes we want to do this when the system restarts. The volume will be checked next time when the system restarts. so we go ahead we not going to shut down but we do go to the tab here and click restart and then we're off to the races will now restart the system and you'll see how the file checking takes place and we'll go through each step of that method.

As you can see however you won't be booted into Windows this time.  Here we have the check disk that's inevitably going to take place and we're being warned but time is sort of running out if we want to cancel we hit any key but we're not here we go it's now checking file records this is part of the file system check stage one file verification.  you can see no errors there that are now checking indexes right checking security descriptors these are all part of a file system. The file data now actually physically check the file data and this is by far the longest part we'll skip ahead once the file data check is complete. Once the check disk is completed we're thrust right back into Windows what we want to do is check the results of the check disk which is something oftentimes people don't do.

2)         We go back to star we go to the search menu again we type “compmgmt.msc” and this will launch the computer management console. If we take a look we have a big menu here of stuff we want to do is go to Event Viewer under Event Viewer we go to Windows logs and under windows logs we go-to application. Some people would be misleading and think that it would be under system but this actually is an application that has been run while Windows was booting up and it is under the source “wininit” so Windows initialization and you click here its event ID is 1001 and if we double-click we can see the results of our disks. We see that there were some cleaning here going on so some file entries were cleaned up unused file entries were cleaned up on the file system.  There was a small amount of data cleaning that took place but no real problems found as you can see here. Windows has checked the file system and noticed no problems.

3)         Now if Windows did find problems with the hard drive specifically with the bad sectors it would go ahead and cordon off those bad sectors so that Windows went right to that area of the hard disk, it would also repair any kind of file system problems that were very extensive. it would probably prolong the life of your disk for some time but as soon as you find bad sectors on your hard drive it will definitely tell you in this log and when that happens you definitely want to start looking to replace the hard drive you want to immediately back up your hard drive start backing up everything because now the hard drive has begun to fail. You may want to start contacting the manufacturer of the drive if not you start looking into the possibility of a full replacement.

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