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History of Twitter: The idea of the name “Twitter” can from the name of a photo sharing community “Flickr”. The founder of this platform “Jack Dorsey” thought of an idea in the year 2006 of a community where communication will take place through SMS. Not only Jack Dorsey but the key players of twitter background are Biz Stone, Noah Glass and also Evan Williams. The main idea of Twitter was tried at the pod casting company Odeo, the company was facing a tough time because of the launch of the podcast platform by “Apple” which actually disturbed the Odeo’s idea and business model. But, the idea didn’t face a sudden death and the founder Jack Dorsey gave all the time and efforts to change the idea into reality with the help of Noah Glass the software developer of Twitter. The first tweet 21st march, 2006 by the founder himself was- “Finally setting up my twitter” and today as we all know where Twitter is right now with the worth approx. to $4.5 Billion by the potential users around 200 million from across the globe and average tweets in a day are 140 million and the number of employees have increased from 8 to 400 in eight years. Twitter is a form of micro blogging platform where the maximum limit of writing a content is 140 characters, Twitter additionally license its tweets to Yahoo, Google and Microsoft. The overall revenue is unclear but the estimated value is $150 million per annum. It currently was a part of greatest development stream as the Southwest event saw a blasts of tweets with more than 60 thousand tweets per day at the occasion. It must be correct to say that twitter is still in its development phase and is still developing with the increase in the rate of users.


How Twitter helped Digital Marketing to Grow:

With the shift of the customers on social media platforms, it has also further effected the marketing strategies of various brands as the brands are finding new ways to connect with it customers and also attract the new ones with more advertising on social media platforms because of the large number can be reached through a single advertisement effort. To acquire some more information of what is digital marketing all about, search for the digital marketing course in Delhi.

Customer services and Satisfaction: Brand awareness has evolved with the use of twitter as it has provided big brands a chance to connect with the customers and providing the customers with better services. Twitter has given a chance to fight with competitors by acquiring new customers by providing them with better services and improving their own offerings by influencing them in a personal way which was not done before. The best example of providing customer services through twitter is of “Dutch Airlines” who started its campaign with the hashtag (#happytohelp)

Real-time marketing: This is the type of marketing in which a brand can reach right number of customers at right place and at right time, twitter helped the brands and marketers to do so as a real time data can be collected whether the campaign has worked right or wrong because of the fresh feedbacks by the customers helps the brands to make further strategies, improve the offerings and when to start or stop a marketing campaign. The best example to real marketing through twitter is “Oreo” who started its real time marketing campaign through a hashtag (#Drunkinthedark)

Speed of culture: With the rapid change in the culture, it becomes essential for the brands to do change with culture and twitter helps to communicate with the customers but only if it is used correctly, say it providing short briefs and approvals in creative manner and doing something out of the box is always essential for any brand. The best example of catching the speed of culture through twitter is “Pepsi” starting its campaign with war room.

Creating cultural movements: It is a new way for the brands to connect with their customers, twitter is like an agent which will help you to find and connect with the right audience. Twitter has created new opportunities as well as challenges for the brands as twitter has accelerated the speed of changes in trends and culture. If a brand target the right audience through twitter than no force can stop them to bring a new social change in a positive way. The best example for creating cultural movements in “Paddy Power” who started its campaign with the hashtag (#rainbowlaces)

Live video: The platform is not only unique with its character limits but also only twitter gives you an opportunity to bring the brands closer to culture and trends. Video marketing is growing as fast pace and with the evolution of live video marketing is adding a new aspect in exciting manner which enable to unfold the moments. The best example of live video marketing is “Target” on Periscope at Grammys.

The hashtag expression: The new form of marketing is the “hashtags” which are becoming the new visual emotions which are shifting marketing through taglines to communicate an idea or a mood to hashtags which are now on print media, Television ads and bill boards, there are many hashtags platforms like instagram but they are not that viral or unique like on this platforms. The best example is “Coca-cola” as it was the first brand to launch an emoji through a hashtag.

Personalised content: Content which is personalized are more effective than the content which are present on other social media platforms and brands doing so are a step ahead to attract the customers by their personalized content and brands are achieving this objective through twitter as this platforms provides the brands with detailed data and help them to identify the right customer at the and to communicate with them at right time which enables to acquire more loyal customers. The best example of personalized content marketing is “LFW” with the campaign by the hashtag (#tweetcam)

New digital creators: With the changes in trends and cultures we have seen a push for content creators in last 2 years, brands undergoing video marketing with an attractive content creation and niche are one step ahead from their competitors as the brands fulfilling these objectives have more chance of relevancy by the loyal and relevant audience. The best example of digital creators are “Tesco” and “EE” with its campaign of Valentine’s Day vines.


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