History of Opal Stone

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The real Opal Stone is one of the semi-precious gemstones of the mineral family of silicate. This stone is well regarded for accepting an amazing array of colors. All the colors are highly vibrant and beautiful due to which this stone is highly used in the ornamental industry for making alluring pieces of jewelry. 

Besides being a much-regarded contributor to the ornamental industry, the real Opal Stone has many astrological benefits and is used a lot in Vedic astrology. According to Vedic astrology, a natural Opal Stone is very effective in solving problems in marriage and fostering mutual understanding and love between partners. Let us discuss the history and benefits of the wonderful stone in detail.

The History of An Opal Stone

Many eminent authors have compared the stone with fireworks, volcanoes, and galaxies. For a more dramatic and poetic approach, this stone is compared to Pandora, empress, etc.

In archaic Rome, the Opal Stone was the symbol of love and purity. Not even this, the stone was named synonymously​ with the precious stone. The Roman scholar Pliny described the appearance of the Opal Stone in the most poetic manner. He was amazed at the marvelous display of vivid colors of the Opal Stone. He observed the color of the Opal Stone in a Kaleidoscope at which he observed a stunning display of the Opal Stone. 

Many cultures regarded opals with supernatural origins and powers. According to an Arab legend, the stone is considered to have instantly fallen from the sky. The ancient Greeks believed that opals gave their owners the gift of fortune-telling and protection against diseases. Europeans have long regarded the Opal stone as the gemstone of symbol of hope, purity, and truth.

The Opal stone is the birthstone of the people born in October. Earlier it was considered as the stone was unlucky for the people born in other months. However, this superstition was ruled out very soon and the Stone proved lucky for every person looking forward to wearing this as the stone exhibits a brilliant range of colors. This gemstone is known as “The Eye of God” for its amazing healing properties.

Soon after its discovery, the stone was mined from different parts of the world. Today the major mining of stone occurs in Australia. 

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Opal Stone

Since the stone is available in different colors, every color of the stone represents a healing property and tends to change the color with every health issue- 

  • The unique property of the stone changing its color allows the wearer to detect any problem much before. Such as the yellow color of the stone points out towards severe illness of the person.

  • The slight illness is represented by a dull gray shade of the stone.

  • Besides the color change, the Opal Stone also benefits the person in maintaining neuro-stability.

  • The natural Opal stone which is pink in color is said to be beneficial in curing headaches

  • The confidence of the person is also boosted by wearing an authentic Opal Stone.

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