Hiring Local Removals - Is Being Too Casual Too Dangerous?

by William Jones manager

The act of moving to a new location carries with it a host of apprehensions and speculations. There are so many activities to deal with.

Starting from packing and taking stock of things to hiring a quality removalist, supervising the move and ensuring everything is in order. If this is one part of the story, the other part is undoubtedly unpacking the baggage and then rearranging the furniture and assets at the new address. Hence, the entire episode is a nightmare.

That is the reason people turn to the professionals to have the entire move done impeccably. However, there are instances when people get a bit too casual in selecting the removalist.

Some of them hire local removalists instead of their more fancied counterparts. That is not a bad thing. However, getting too casual while selecting one IS! That is where the blunder is made, and they end up hiring those who are not professional and licensed.

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Not hiring the professional ‘locals’ 

Hiring the local removalists in Gold Coast is one thing and hiring just the ‘locals’ who are not the pros is another. However, people either in a hurry to complete the move or to go for savings forget this gospel. They end up hiring some locals who have nothing to do with the professionalism that needs to be maintained while offering moving assistance. 

This is a blunder of Himalayan extent, wherein these people in no way would follow the principles of the move. In the process, they will make a mess of everything and those hapless souls on the move suddenly find themselves at the receiving end.

The mistakes will be many! Right from the way the goods are packed, the way they are carried and handled, taken care of during the move and the way they are unpacked. There will be traces of lack of professionalism, recklessness and carelessness everywhere. That’s very common when people prefer locals but avoid hiring ‘professionals’.


Opting for local removalists who are experienced is safe. However, putting stakes on the ones who are NOT professionals can be utterly risky. These blokes will do things what the seasoned professionals will never do.

They will always pile up things or end up dropping and scratching a precious asset or two. Moreover, these locals are never liable for any damage caused to the assets during the move. Therefore, hiring non-professional and unlicensed locals for removals in Gold Coast always carry an amount of risk.

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Lack of Planning

One major problem is that these people do not have any planning in place. A move needs a fair amount of planning and when there is a lack of it, there ought to a string of mistakes that will not only hamper the move but will leave the entire chapter amid a mess.

Overpacking and overstuffing

When it comes to packing things during a move, it is imperative to do it perfectly. However, the non-professionals would invariably overpack and overstuff, and this will damage the assets.

So these are the problems that arise when locals who are not professionals are hired. There is no harm in engaging the local removalists, but they have to be pros with a fair amount of experience under their belt.

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