Hire SEO: How to choose SEO Company before hiring?

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Are you thinking of hiring the services of a SEO company (SEO positioning company), for example in Madrid?

All the companies that you have found, say that they will place your SME at the top of the Google search engine. They all say that they are professional companies, with experience, and with quality SEO services.

So, to whom to hire the SEO of your company? Who should you trust?

The SEO of a company is something very serious, that you should not leave in any case in the hands of beginners or sellers of smoke.

Hiring the SEO of your SME is very serious. Do not leave it to anyone

In addition to the damage that may be for your small or medium business that the SEO service does not work, or even worse, that makes your situation worse on the internet, the fact of hiring SEO to whom you should not make you lose a lot of time. And we know that you, as the manager of your company, do not have a minute to lose.

The ideal situation is for the SEO Company to take care of everything and only take time for very important things.

That hiring the SEO of your company does not mean that you lose time for new problems.

But how do you differentiate a serious SEO company from a company that "sells fumes" or unprofessional?

# Hire SEO: Beware of certain companies

The presence of your SME on the Internet is very important for the future of your company, do not leave it to anyone.

Suspicion of SEO companies that have any of the following characteristics:

- SEO company that offers the same price to everyone: If you are not offering personalized prices according to the competition, that you have on the internet, the business you have to position, is that you will work the same with any SME that comes to you, regardless of how easy or difficult it is to position it, that is, probably do few things.

-SEO company that offers a price based on a number of keywords to position: typical case of companies that claim to do SEO, and link their work to position a certain number of keywords. This has several drawbacks

·        the keywords that tend to try to position are not looking for anyone, therefore, by very well positioned that you appear no one will come to your website

·        What about the rest of the keywords that could bring potential customers to your SME? Nothing, they will simply be abandoned.

If you hire your SME's SEO, they offer you Packs by number of keywords ... Flee!

SEO company that promises you a number of links to your website: the links are not the SEO solution. You have to be careful with who does SEO for your company, because they can greatly harm your presence on the Internet, you just have to see how seriously Google takes the attempts to cheat with links.

# How to choose the right company to hire SEO?

Hire a SEO company that does it well, and if you do not know if they do it well, ask your customers

How to guess if an SEO company is not going to contribute anything to my SME?

It is often difficult to detect that a SEO company is really a freelance without a lot of experience, or a web design company that are not experts in SEO, and that can endanger the online image of your company.

To stay calmer when it comes to hiring SEO, you can do the following:

·        Ask the clients of that SEO company to know their experience

·        Take a look at your social networks to see if they are updating them

·        Read their blog to see if they are experts in online marketing and SEO

·        Check if they have the "Google Partners" certificate (certificate that Google Adwords grants to companies that have been formed in Google ads as expert Adwords agencies). This could give you more confidence in case you want to start paid ad campaigns in Google in the future.

For more information about when to hire SEO services, we leave you an article from Google itself, where it talks about hiring a good SEO professional. And if you need a perfect service, Austin SEO will be the better option.

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