Here's How You can Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

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Your heart might fill with love and your eyes twinkle with sheer delight when you watch your little munchkin sleeping. Babies look so cute and adorable while sleeping that you almost immediately feel like kissing them multiple times. However, that might disturb them and you resist the temptation and wait for the morning (or midnight) when they are all up again and playing, to shower them with your love. Each night, you look at them wondering how sweetly amazing the tiny beings are. However, getting your baby to sleep comfortably through the night is a challenge that is common among parents (more so among new parents). 


New-born babies have tiny tummies which can’t hold a lot of food to keep them full through the night. Therefore, they need to be woken up every few hours to feed. However, as they grow up, their need for night-time feedings reduces and that’s when they are expected to start sleeping through the night. If your baby is struggling to sleep through the night, it can leave you exhausted and search for solutions. Many reasons can cause your baby to not sleep including diaper rashes, illness, sleep regressions, etc. Below-mentioned are some of the tricks that can help you in this regard:


1. Establishing a bedtime routine

When it comes to establishing a bedtime routine, no age is particularly too early. The bedtime routine for babies must always be simple and sustainable, consisting of easy-to-follow steps that can help both you and your baby relax. It can be as simple as calming and soothing activities such as swaddling or pampering your baby with baby care products from a reputed online pharmacy such as Healthskool. It’s all about creating positive sleep associations with your baby.


2. Teach your baby to self-soothe

It's natural for parents and completely okay to check up on the baby if they cry at night or crave attention. However, you need to limit the time with them to give them an indication that it's time to sleep and not to play or eat. Be with them for a while and then leave the room. You may also make use of artificial toys or pillows to help ease their anxiety and make them feel you are still there. Do not make it a habit for them to be held to be able to fall asleep. When they learn to self-soothe, sleeping for them will be easier too. 


3. Wean the night feedings

Once your baby’s pediatrician clarifies that you can stop night feedings, you must slowly begin reducing it. Oftentimes, feeding is linked to sleep association because your baby was always fed every time they woke up. However, this doesn’t mean that your baby won’t want it completely now. The trick is to slowly wean them off or maybe feed them less and not as often as you used to. 


4. Follow a schedule.

Ensuring that your baby is getting the right amount of daytime sleep is the key to making sure that they get the right amount of sleep at night. New-born babies aren’t able to differentiate between night and day. Their sleeping patterns change as they grow up and they start sleeping for longer durations. Maintain a baby's sleep schedule and track their sleep timings to help them sleep through the night. 


5. Keep a calm ambiance

When it comes to sleep, ambiance can be everything. Keeping the room at a comfortable temperature, ensuring that light is dim enough, and adding some white noise are some of the ways to create a calm ambiance. You can also stock up on the best baby oils from a reputed online medical shop such as Healthskool and give them a massage before bedtime in the calm ambiance you create for them. 


Keep in mind that no matter the amount of effort you have put in, every child has occasional wakeful periods. When that happens, assure yourself that this isn’t something permanent and your baby will eventually get better at sleeping through the night.

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