HDTV Antenna Vs Pay TV or Streaming Services

by Sudha ITP COO

Watching TV at day’s end does serve as a big time stress-buster for most of us. And if it is the season finale of our favourite serial, then we don’t mind taking a cab back home in place of the usual brisk walking from office. For years, this lovely invention had served the role of being a surrogate parents to millions of viewers strewn worldwide which has served as a positive stimulus for technical geeks to come up with extraordinary discoveries for making tv viewing a much more delightful experience for us all. The television market had seen various players emerge victorious and then fade out over the test of time. But presently, the competition has intensified between two players , the good old HDTV Antenna and the swanky new Pay TV services.

HDTV antennas have ushered in a new era of television broadcasting wherein people can enjoy conspicuous distribution and reception of television signals. In comparison to its predecessor standard definition television, satellite HDTV delights with high picture quality, improved resolution and enhanced signal strength. Streaming services, on the other hand, refers to an online entertainment source which can be accessed on demand from its cloud-based server. Prominent Pay TV players which have been infiltrating our homes off late include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc. In our today’s article, we shall conduct a comparison between both and declare which amongst these two actually has what it takes to become the numero uno.

  • Uncompressed HD viewing – In comparison to living streaming, image quality gets accentuated thousand times when you opt for HDTV antenna. The main cause behind this is that over-the-air broadcast TV signals are uncompressed and gets directly delivered by the antenna to the TV feed. Satellite signals, traditional cable and even streaming services are compressed for maximising the number of channels which can be jam-packed inside the given spectrum. So the next time your cable operator charges you an extra penny for the high definition feed don’t hesitate to inquire if it really is the best available HD option or not since HDTV antenna can provide you with all these and much more for free.

  • Sub-channels and Broadcast Networks – There was a time when we could enjoy ‘n’ number of channels by paying just a fixed premium. But things have grown much more complex since then and now you will need to purchase channel packs separately. Well, it’s okay if you are a sports fanatic and are happy browsing ESPN the whole day. But in case you are someone who has a voracious appetite for new things, then you might just end up wounding your wallet gravely with the Pay TV service. With an HDTV antenna, you get wider coverage along with a bevvy of free channels which surely is reason enough to celebrate.

  • Buffering & Other Delays – You surely wouldn’t want to lag behind others while catching the latest cricket match. Sometimes you might even get to know about the cricket results while browsing through your friend’s Facebook feed before getting to watch the same. HDTV antennas do not cause any such difficulties and always run on schedule.

  • Contract Disputes – One of the best things about installing an HDTV antenna is that you don’t need to worry about local stations being discontinued due to contract disputes. So you can actually have the last laugh as you post updates on the latest Game of Thrones episodes while your friends relying on Streaming services stay blocked out.

  • Blackout Season – Sometimes Pay TV channels secure rights for airing a certain show but they cannot stream the same. Such happened during a Golden Globes award ceremony. However, you need not worry a thing if you are the one having an HDTV antenna installed.

  • Monthly Fee Structure – Once the HDTV antenna is purchased you don’t need to incur any more expense. No more fees, no more subscription, just plain laidback entertainment is all that awaits you. As a Pay TV subscriber you to have to incur a monthly expense which surely doesn’t come easy in one’s pocket.

Keeping all these factors in mind, HDTV antenna surely emerges as the cheaper and much more effective option over its wireless peers. But the given technological stride we are hopeful that Streaming Services shall also fill in their shortcomings in days to come and intensify the battle. 

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