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Ever suffered from dry, chapped lips? Then you will know how irritatingly painful it can get. Moisturizing our lips is not just a matter of grooming, it is also necessary for our comfort and health. It’s one beauty product that is of equal value to men, women, and children. HARA Naturals, skin-care cosmetics manufacturers, bring to your natural lip balms made with nature’s goodness, guaranteed to leave your lips soft, luscious and beautiful.

Petroleum Jelly Vs Natural Balm

Petroleum Jelly Vs Natural Balm

One of the most essential body care routines is caring for your lips. But it’s one routine that we barely think of. Some of us use heavy creams or petroleum jelly. These provide an illusion of hydrated and moisturized lips. Your lips will have that instant softened the effect, but are actually poorer off than before. The jelly forms a thick layer that seals the lips, insulating it against the air and moisture. If you there is any dirt on your lips, you are also effective sealing these in.

In fact, people suffering from skin conditions like acne and rosacea are strongly advised to avoid petroleum jelly. As an emollient, it can do them more harm than good. The other worrying factor is that when used as on lips, we are also more likely to ingest the jelly. Keep in mind that petroleum jelly is strictly for external use. In fact, some studies show that petroleum jelly is carcinogenic. So, think about that every time you lick or chew your lips.

Petroleum jelly is also a by-product of oil refining. As such, it is also non-renewable resources or non-sustainable solution. Heavy creams suffer from some of the same problems. These contain chemicals that are harmful in the long-term.

Natural Balm

On the other spectrum are natural skin care moisturizer products like natural balms that are made from completely natural elements. Made with elements like rose petals and grapefruits, these balms will not just keep your lips soft, these will also improve their texture and appearance over time. The natural elements in the balms are extremely beneficial for the skin, keeping it hydrated while preparing any damage.

These are ingredients that you may even use in your food! Hence, there are no concerns about its long-term effect. The lip balms have powerful hydrating elements which can actually heal dry and chapped lips. HARA naturals offers two types of herbal lip balms:

Lip Balm Rose Petal

Lip Balm Rose Petal

The benefits of rose in beauty products are well documented. It has been used to beautify the skin since time immemorial. Legend has it that Cleopatra used to bathe in milk and rose petals to pamper her skin. Rose petals have natural oils and sugar that make it a natural skin care moisturizer.

Rose petals are also full of Vitamin C, which is extremely handy when it comes to collagen production. So, it can actually boost the collagen production in your lips! Rose flower is full of carotenoids — the source of that gives rose that beautiful iconic color. The colors in the lip balm come from this brilliant and beautiful natural pigment and not a chemical capsule. The term ‘rosy lips’ is truer here than any other alternative!

The other positive is the rose’s soothing fragrance. The favorite of poets, queens and the common man — the fragrance of rose has inspired many an artist. Now you have all these benefits neatly captured and bottled in a lip balm!

Wine Grapefruit Lip Balm

Wine Grapefruit Lip Balm

Bursting with nutrients grapefruit is considered to be extremely beneficial in skincare. It is full of vital vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that promote skin health, its healing and repair. It can boost collagen production, which makes your skin smooth and elastic.

The antioxidants in the balm treat damages and pigmentation, leaving the lips luscious. It also helps the lips to fight the effects of pollution and dirt around you. It refreshes the skin of the lips, leaving them looking beautiful even as it repair them from within!

Lip Care Tips:

Lips have been long considered as a symbol of beauty. But taking care of our lips goes beyond looking pretty. It is also a part of our overall grooming. The skin on our lips is very thin has fewer oil glands. This is why it gets chapped and dry so easily. It also has no melanin, which lowers its protective value further. You will know this if you’ve ever been to a dry and windy place.

Image Source: Home Health Beauty

Hence, your lips need some extra care and attention. Fortunately, there are skincare cosmetics manufacturers today how to offer a whole range of lip care products. Look for natural alternatives whenever possible. Here are some additional tips you can follow for proper lip care:

  1. Avoid touching or licking your lips. Since your lips have very low levels of self-protection, any contact can affect them. Licking your lips may make you feel better momentarily, but the harsh enzymes of the saliva can actually do more harm than good.
  2. Drink a lot of water. Remember, the health of your lips is not separate from the rest of your body. Hydration of the lips begins by the water you take and not by artificially trapping them. 
  3. Make sure your lips are hydrated before you go to sleep. You can use the lip balms skincare cosmetics manufacturer HARA. The moisture in the balm has the time to soak in. The natural elements of the balm also have the time to do their hydration and repair work at night. 
  4. Always remove lipstick before going to bed at night, even if you are using herbal lipsticks. 
  5. Use a lip mask once in a while if you suffer persistently from dry lips. You can scrub your lips with a mild scrub or just some partially dissolved rock sugar. Pat, it dries and massage your lips with a little bit of HARA massage oils. It will leave your lips soft, plump and luscious.

Follow our tips and use HARA Naturals products to ensure that your lips feel as good as they look and keep smiling!

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